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Application Visibility and Analysis Professional (RCPE-APPV)



In the current application-driven economy, organizations must have the capability to proactively monitor application performance and quickly access data or metrics that indicate potential issues.

This four-day course explains the concepts pertinent to application performance and describes various product capabilities that illustrate such concepts. Application performance in the broader context of end-to-end visibility is also covered.

Hands-on labs are included to provide attendees with experience installing, configuring and working with products that enable monitoring or investigation of all aspects of application performance.


This training is designed for individuals involved in the development, deployment or monitoring of enterprise applications based on Java and .NET architectures that run across a complex production environment


Overview and EUE
  • Application Visibility
  • Architecture and Overview
  • Navigate AppInternals
  • Browser-Based EUE
  • Monitor Locations
  • Synthetic Testing
  • Basic Search
Installation, Configuration, Tracing and Searching
  • Code Instrumentation
  • Install AppInternals
  • Configure Agents
  • Configure Agents for EUE
  • Applications and Transactions
  • Transaction Tracing
  • Application Maps
  • Advanced Search
  • Transaction Details
Metrics, Big Data and Reporting
  • Code-Level Metrics
  • Environmental Metrics
  • Monitor Servers
  • Monitor Instances
  • Insights
  • Conduct Server Polling
  • Reporting and Statistical Analysis
  • Thresholds and Alerts
  • Reporting
End to End Visibility and Advanced Topics
  • Application Metrics
  • Integration with Portal
  • Integration with SteelCentral
  • AppResponse
  • Heap Analysis
  • Advanced Agent Configuration
  • Troubleshooting of Installation
  • Admin Functionality
Classroom Training

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