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Network Performance Management Essentials (NPM200)

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Riverbed resellers/partners and customers involved in the design, deployment, or administration/technical support of the Riverbed Cascade solution.


This 5-day solution-focused class offers an introduction to the Riverbed® Cascade® Network Performance Management solution with hands-on installation, configuration, and reporting experience using the Cascade Profiler, Gateway, Shark, and Pilot solution with introduction to packet analysis using Wireshark.

This course is specifically designed for Riverbed® customers and resellers/partners involved in the design or deployment of the Riverbed® Cascade® product family and serves as a foundation pre-requisite for NPM300 and NPM400 series courses. For students who only need to perform day-to-day operational support and reporting, we recommend Riverbed® University OnDemand Training to access our NPM100 series courses.


Network Monitoring Overview

  • Cascade® Solution Overview
  • Network Instrumentation
  • Host Groups & Definitions
  • Asset Discovery & Inventory
  • Reporting & Performance Metrics
  • Interactive Dashboards

Leveraging the Cascade Solution

  • Network Behavior Evaluation
  • Service Mapping & Monitoring

Deploying the Cascade Solution

  • Cascade® Deployment Planning
  • Sizing & Specifications

Shark & Pilot Packet Analysis

  • Shark Introduction & Installation
  • Integrating with Cascade® Pilot
  • Using Views & Trace Clips
  • Filtering, Analytics & Reporting
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Wireshark Packet Analysis
Classroom Training

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