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Sophos UTM Certified Architect (UTMCA)

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This course provides an in-depth study of UTM, designed for experienced technical professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring and supporting deployments in production environments.

The course is intended to be delivered in a classroom setting, and consists of presentations and practical lab exercises to reinforce the taught content. Printed copies of the supporting documents for the course will be provided to each trainee.

If the course is being taught via webinar then the documents will be sent electronically to the trainees, who are encouraged to print them out to keep as a reference. Due to the nature of delivery, and the varying experiences of the trainees, open discussion is encouraged during the training.

The course lasts 3 days, of which roughly 11 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.

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This hands-on training is designed for customers and partners who already have some experience with Sophos UTM and want to improve their skills.


Prior to attending this course, trainees should:

  • Complete the Sophos UTM Certified Engineer (UTMCE) course.
  • Have a working knowledge of the solution, having completed basic installation and configuration before attending.
  • Have a strong working knowledge of network configuration and troubleshooting before attending this course. Similar to the level of knowledge required to pass the CCNA or CompTIA
  • Network plus certification programs.
  • Have a good understanding of IT security. CompTIA Security plus and CISSP are good evidence of such knowledge.
  • Be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues in Windows networked environments.
  • Experience configuring and managing gateways and firewalls.
  • Experience configuring mail and web gateways.


On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Understand the components of the UTM and how to configure them.
  • Architect a solution for a customer’s environment and needs.
  • Implement proof of concept (PoC) deployments with the UTM.
  • Perform a deployment appropriate to many customer environments.
  • Configure the components of the UTM according to best practice.
  • Troubleshoot common issues on the UTM.


  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: System configuration
  • Module 3: Authentication
  • Module 4: Network Protection
  • Module 5: Web Protection
  • Module 6: Email Protection
  • Module 7: Endpoint Protection
  • Module 8: Wireless Protection
  • Module 9: Webserver Protection
  • Module 10: RED Management
  • Module 11: Site-to-site and Remote Access VPNs
  • Module 12: Central Management
  • Module 13: High availability
  • Module 14: Sizing and outbound connections
Classroom Training
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Dauer 3 Tage

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05.12. - 07.12.2018 Berlin
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09.01. - 11.01.2019 Münster
13.02. - 15.02.2019 München
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15.05. - 17.05.2019 München
26.06. - 28.06.2019 Stuttgart
03.07. - 05.07.2019 Hamburg

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