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Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources (D96993)



Learn To:
  • Use Oracle HCM Cloud: Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Workforce Deployment.
  • Create jobs, positions, and grades and define person, employment values and manage documents.
  • Manage Geographies
  • Perform functional tasks like hiring persons, managing employment and maintain worker directories.
  • Set up your enterprise and workforce structures. Define availability, set up work schedules and calendar events.
  • Use Person Spotlight, Directory, and Promote Worker.
  • Get an overview of HCM security.
Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll develop the knowledge that will help you ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Workforce Deployment. You'll better understand the key components and configuration options so you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Finally, you'll be able to optimize the setup of your organization’s workforce structures and perform critical functional tasks so your HR team can effectively manage a global workforce.

Establish Enterprise and Workforce Structures

This course will also teach you how to establish enterprise, job and position structures. You'll create organizations, locations, departments and business units, while setting up two and three-tier employment models. Furthermore, you'll define grades, jobs and positions.

Manage Person, Employment & Worker Directories

You'll develop the skills to hire persons and manage their employment and work relationships. Learn how to transfer and promote workers and terminate work relationships, while managing worker directories. Perform the person search, line manager self-service and worker self-service functions.

Set Up Common Architecture

You will learn to set up common HCM components including geographies, enterprise structures, workforce structures, and enterprise scheduler jobs.


  • Configuration Implementer
  • End Users
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Functional Implementer
  • Configuration Consultant


Suggested Prerequisites:
  • Introduction to Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Course


  • Use Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Workforce Deployment
  • Use Global HR to perform functional tasks
  • Identify key components of Global HR
  • Understand key aspects of Workforce Deployment implementation


  • Course Overview
  • Human Capital Management Overview
  • Introduction to the User Interface
  • Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use
  • Defining Geographies
  • Setting up Enterprise Structures
  • Managing Enterprise HCM Information
  • Managing Legal Entity
  • Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units
  • Setting up Locations, Organizagions, and Actions
  • Setting up Base Compensation
  • Setting up Jobs and Positions
  • Defining Workforce Records
  • Managing Workforce Lifecycle
  • Directory
  • Course Highlights
  • Appendix A - Security Overview
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