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Application Integration on Oracle Cloud (D96905)

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This training teaches you about leveraging Oracle ICS to create and configure connections and integrations for SaaS to SaaS, and SaaS to On-Premise integration use cases. This course is designed for business users and implementers who are responsible for defining and creating these integrations using the ICS dashboard or the ICS REST API.

Learn To:
  • Use and configure the ICS built-in adapters.
  • Understand the data mapping and data lookup features of ICS.
  • Create ICS connections and integrations.
  • Monitor integrations to view metrics and errors.
Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll become familiar with various use cases. You'll get a chance to learn about configuring built-in ICS adapter properties, defining inbound and outbound connections within integrations, mapping data, creating lookups, and monitoring integration uses cases for metrics and error information


  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Functional Implementer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • SOA Architect


  • Experience with PaaS and SaaS concepts
  • Knowledge of working with one specific SaaS application


  • Transform data with the ICS mapper, XPath functions, and ICS lookups
  • Describe how the agent framework implements connectivity for integrations
  • Understand ICS components, features, and capabilities
  • Create Packages and leverage pre-built integrations
  • Configure Trigger and invoke built-in ICS adapter properties
  • Understand the steps for installing an on-premises agent
  • Describe ICS security support at the integration flow level
  • Use the ICS dashboard to get runtime data and metrics for connections and integrations
  • Monitor and manage runtime integration errors
  • Configure and use business identifiers for tracking fields
  • Perform basic management tasks using the ICS REST API
  • Define REST and SOAP adapter properties for integrating web services
  • Describe the ICS-supported message exchange patterns
  • Configure the Basic Map My Data 1-way and 2-way integration patterns
  • Define the Publish to ICS and Subscribe to ICS integration patterns
  • Create content-based routing filters and branches leveraging conditional expressions


  • ICS Overview
  • Creating Packages & Using Pre-built Integrations
  • Configuring Adapters and Defining Connections
  • Defining and Configuring Integrations
  • Data Mapping and Lookups
  • Advanced Integrations and Orchestrations
  • Agents for SaaS and On-Premises Integration
  • Security / Schedules / Additional Features
  • Monitoring Integrations
  • Managing Integrations Using the ICS REST API
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