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Oracle Sales Cloud: Sales Analytics (D96520)

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Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics provides infolets, dashboards, pre-built reports, embedded analyses and subject areas to generate insight into your business and assist you in making the best business decisions.

Learn About:
  • Infolets.
  • Dashboards.
  • Pre-built reports, analyses, infolets and dashboards.
  • Creating custom reports and analyses.
  • Using Analytics Tools.
  • Configuring complex report navigation.
  • Creating new custom fields in subject areas.
  • Creating new subject areas.
  • Configuring cross-area reports.
  • Analytics use cases.
  • And much more!
Benefits to You

Leverage new intuitive user interface features to improve uptake and usability in your organization. More easily derive critical business insights leveraging the analytics capabilities.

Note:This course includes a preview of Release 12 new features


  • Cloud User
  • Data Analyst
  • Functional Implementer
  • Reports Developer


  • Describe architecture, capability and tools for Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics
  • Access existing and create new reports, infolets and analyses
  • Create complex reports with advanced report navigation
  • Extend Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics with custom fields and subject areas
  • Review use cases and solutions for Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics


Analytics Summary
  • Architecture Overview
  • Subject Areas
  • Analytics Tools
Reports and Infolets
  • Examining and Creating Infolets
  • Using Pre-Built Reports
  • Creating a Custom Report
Report Navigation
  • Navigating from One Report to Another Report
  • Navigating from a Report to a Detailed Page
  • New Pre-Built Reports
Extensibility and Cross-Area Reports
  • Creating Custom Fields in Subject Areas
  • Creating Custom Subject Areas
  • Configuring Cross-Area Reports
Analytics Use Cases
  • Use Cases for Building Reports
  • Use Cases Combining BI and Extensibility
  • BI Performance Considerations
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