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Oracle Comms Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) OAM&P (D87335)



Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) is a core signaling and routing solution for operators' LTE, IMS, and 3G networks. This Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) OAM&P training helps you learn how to operate and maintain the DSR.

Learn To:
  • Configure diameter routing tables.
  • Prevent diameter traffic overload.
  • Monitor peer nodes in real time.
  • Generate measurement reports.
Benefits to You

Oracle’s DSR provides flexible routing with primary and alternate routes, traffic management and load-balancing, scalability with increasing traffic in mind, and mediation of Diameter messages (inter-operability). Oracle’s Diameter Signaling Router (DSR) is a powerful, full-featured Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), providing reliable delivery and routing of your core Diameter signaling (LTE, EPC, IMS).


  • System Integrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator
  • Security Compliance Professionals
  • Application Server Administrators
  • Site Staff


  • Describe a Diameter Signaling Router
  • Identify & Use the Diameter Signaling Router’s (DSR) Features in the Signaling Network
  • Analyze the Architecture in the DSR
  • Identify the Features in the User Interface of the DSR
  • Monitor Events and Alarms
  • Describe and Configure the DSR Components
  • Navigate and Configure the Items in User Administration
  • Provision the DSR to Support Desired Message Flows
  • Configure Peer Nodes and Connections
  • Describe and Use Routing Peer Route Tables
  • Analyze Traffic Management
  • Perform Maintenance on the DSR Application
  • Describe Internet Protocol Front End (IPFE)
  • Explain and Analyze Topology Hiding
  • Describe Measurements and KPIs
  • Describe and Configure DSR Optional Features


  • Overview of Diameter
  • Network Connectivity
  • DSR System Overview
  • Message Flow
  • NOAM User Interface
  • NOAM Configuration
  • DSR Configuration (SOAM)
  • Congestion Management
  • DSR Maintenance
  • KPIs, Files, Database, Servers, and Network Elements
  • Measurements
  • Range Based Address Resolution
  • MAP - Diameter
  • Toplogy Hiding
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Online Training

Dauer 3 Tage

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