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Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API (D84417)

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This Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API training discusses the architecture and files used in customizations. It begins by explaining the Siebel Open UI framework, its architecture and important files, while discussing how to apply customizations in the framework by administering the manifest.

Learn To:
  • Administer customizations.
  • Write code to use the Siebel Open UI JSAPI to implement common form and list applet customizations.
  • Use debugging techniques to troubleshoot coding problems.
  • Implement application-wide customizations.
  • Call external libraries.
  • Use Siebel Tools in conjunction with Open UI.
  • Migrate customizations.
  • Customize the overall look-and-feel of the application.
  • Use Siebel Tools to customize Siebel Open UI behavior.
Benefits to You

By investing in this course, you'll walk away with the ability to use the JavaScript API. You'll develop the skills to write code to address common customization requirements including using external, third party libraries, and you'll develop an understanding of when and where to add code (the hooks into the framework) and common methods to use for desired outcomes.

Use Siebel Tools in conjunction with the JSAPI

This course will also teach you how to call a Siebel Business Service, add custom user properties to object definitions for use in code and store, retrieve and use user preferences.

Deploying Customizations

This section of the course discusses how to migrate code that you have prototyped or developed to a production environment. You'll get a chance to solidify your skills through hands-on exercises.

Learn through Hands-On Exercises

Expert Oracle University instructors will walk you through these concepts, demonstrating how to use the new architecture through a series of examples. Please note that this course does not teach JavaScript, CSS or HTML. It's recommended that you have a background in Siebel Tools prior to taking this course.


  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Configuration Consultant


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