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Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) (D84121)

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This Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing training is designed for advanced system administrators, application or kernel developers, and software support personal that can use DTrace to diagnose applications and system problems. The course introduces students to the DTrace technology along with the various system observability tools, such as sar, vmstat, mpstat, iostat, netstat, prstat, kstat, and procfs to identify issues. In addition, the course also covers creating custom D scripts, best practices of using DTrace, and a few case studies around using DTrace to solve issues.

Learn To:
  • Describe Dynamic Tracing.
  • Create DTrace Scripts to Collect System Information.
  • Trace User Applications with DTrace.
  • Perform Anonymous and Speculative Tracing in DTrace.
  • Apply Best Practices for Using DTrace.
Benefits To You

The Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing course provides you with the ability to use DTrace to diagnose application and system problems. You first learn about the basic topics, such as DTrace features and architecture, and then move to advanced topics, such as creating DTrace scripts to collect system information, tracing user applications, performing anonymous and speculative tracing, and applying best practices for using DTrace scripts.


  • Systems Architects
  • Application Developers
  • System Administrator
  • Support Engineer


Required Prerequisites:
Suggested Prerequisites:


  • Describe Dynamic Tracing
  • Create DTrace Scripts to Collect System Information
  • Trace User Applications With DTrace
  • Apply Anonymous and Speculative Tracing in DTrace
  • Apply Best Practices for Using DTrace


Course Overview
  • Course Goal
  • Skills Gained
  • Course Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your Learning Center
Introduction to Dynamic Tracing
  • Overview of the DTrace Technology
  • Describe the DTrace Architecture
  • Examine a DTrace Command
  • Describe the D Programming Language
Creating DTrace Scripts to Collect System Information
  • List and Use Utilities for Monitoring System Performance
  • Obtain System Call Information
  • Observe System Memory Activities
  • Track System wide Events Related to CPU
  • View Disk I/O Statistics
  • Observe Network I/O Statistics
  • Create Custom System Monitoring Tools
Tracing User Applications With DTrace
  • Use the pid Provider to Set Probes in User Code and Libraries
  • Use DTrace to Profile an Application
  • Use DTrace to Access Application Variables
Anonymous and Speculative Tracing in DTrace
  • Discuss and Use Anonymous Tracing Facility
  • Discuss and Use Speculative Tracing Facility
Applying Best Practices for Using DTrace
  • Minimize DTrace Performance Impact
  • Tune DTrace Buffers
  • Write Error-Free DTrace Scripts
  • Identify the Privileges Necessary to Run DTrace Operations
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