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PeopleSoft Financial Consolidations Rel 9.2 (D81099)

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Training for PeopleSoft Financial Consolidations Rel 9.2 through Update Image 14 provides the detailed information you need, as well as several hands-on activities, to help you better understand financial consolidations. Learn how to successfully set up and run the consolidation and equitization processes for various organization structures.

Learn To:
  • Recognize the business process.
  • Define the consolidation setup.
  • Run the consolidation process.
Benefits to You

Investing in this course will help you gain valuable knowledge from the implementer's perspective, as well as for end-users. You are presented with best practices for achieving maximum efficiency when setting up and performing consolidations. Discussions and activities include early decision-making regarding consolidation structure based on business needs, as well as maintenance and analysis.

Focus on Consolidations

Get in-depth knowledge about consolidations in PeopleSoft General Ledger 9.2. Understand consolidation terminology and experience a deep-dive into end-to-end consolidation scenarios through hands-on activities.


  • Functional Implementer
  • Financial Reporting Manager
  • Implementation Consultant


  • Use control tables to enforce business rules.
  • Run processes and reports.
  • Understand basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts.


  • Set up Financial Consolidations
  • Process Financial Consolidations
  • Describe Financial Consolidations


Business Process Overview
  • Describing the Business Uses of Financial Consolidations
  • Defining the Basic Elements of the Financial Consolidation
  • Describing the Consolidation Process Flow
Defining the Consolidation Setup
  • Designing your Consolidation Structure
  • Defining Elimination Business Units
  • Defining the Consolidation Tree
  • Specifying the Consolidation Ledgers
  • Defining Elimination Sets
  • Defining Consolidation Sets
Running the Consolidation Process
  • Running the Consolidation Process
  • Reviewing the Consolidation Results
Defining Subsidiary Ownership
  • Defining Subsidiary Ownership Considerations
  • Defining Subsidiary Ownership
  • Defining Minority Interest Sets
  • Defining Ownership within the Consolidation Set
  • Defining and Running the Equitization Process
Consolidation Reference Material
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