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Principles and Best Practices for Adopting Cloud (D101142)



This course will equip solution architects with the skills required to embark on a journey of assessing their current on-premises environment, defining the IT and non-IT goals for migrating to the cloud, understanding the operational targets, deciding the cloud topology, planning the migration tasks, and conducting the migration process.

This involves answering a series of specific questions that will progressively help students narrow down the range of cloud deployment options and develop a migration strategy that's built on an optimal blend of Oracle Cloud service offerings. This course is focused on principles rather than procedures and mentions relevant services and features. The overall aim is to provide students with a framework they can use at any time to assist a business migrate to cloud.

Course also includes worked examples where the attendees collaborate under the moderator's guidance to develop possible solutions which are then compared to Oracle-designed solutions.

Learn How To:
  • Explain the benefits of adopting cloud to business stakeholders
  • Determine the current IT estate and application workloads
  • Apply criteria to help determine applications suited to migrate to cloud
  • Use strategies to help choose the best migration path to cloud for an application
  • Implement Maximum Availability Architecture principles in the cloud
  • Monitor applications once they are deployed to the cloud
Benefits to You

Understand the various factors and approaches involved in migrating on-premises application workloads to the cloud. Learn skills and strategies that will help you engage with internal or external customers considering migrating to the cloud.


  • Architect
  • Cloud Architect


  • Understanding of cloud computing service and deployment models
  • Experience in multi-tier enterprise application architecture
  • Knowledge of networking for a distributed application topology
  • Familiarity with the Oracle Cloud service portfolio


  • Understand how Maximum Availability Architecture is important in getting to the cloud
  • Explain the need to understand the current IT ecosystem in its entirety
  • Describe the criteria used to choose a candidate system for migration to the cloud
  • Understand how to collate workload data
  • Describe different options for migrating a system to the cloud
  • Understand basic networking options and storage options
  • Plan and prioritize security considerations
  • Understand how to choose the appropriate lift-and-shift option
  • Describe the process of migrating from on-premises to Cloud PaaS
  • Describe the scenario of replacing an on-premises with an equivalent (or better) SaaS product


  • Part One Introduction
  • IT Estate Stocktake
  • Choose a Candidate System
  • Workload Analysis
  • Decide an Approach
  • Networking
  • Storage on Cloud
  • Security
  • Rehost
  • Rebuild, Revise, and Refactor
  • Replace with the Cloud
  • Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Remaining On-Premises
  • Retiring an Application
  • Monitoring the Cloud
  • Exercise
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