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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals (D100804)

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Strengthen your foundation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with insights into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure components and services. Using your knowledge of IAM service, determine who has access to your cloud resources. Launch your first compute instance, define storage volumes, and deploy Oracle databases quickly and easily in a highly-available cloud environment. Extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN) and connectivity services, ensuring high availability with Load Balancers.


  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Technical Consultants
  • Cloud Architect
  • Data Center Manager
  • Implementation Consultant


Basic knowledge of Computers, and Networking


  • Create compartments and policies
  • Launch a compute instance
  • Configure Object and Block Storage
  • Configure a public load balancer
  • Launch a database on bare metal


Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Strategy
  • Regions + Availability Domains + Backbone Network
  • Comprehensive Virtual Network with Off - box Virtualization
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services
Identity and Access Management Service
  • Tenants and Compartments
  • Authorization and Policies
  • Access Control Using Compartments
Virtual Cloud Network Service
  • Subnets
  • Security Lists, Route Table
  • FastConnect
  • VCN Components
  • Multiple VNICs for Instances
Compute Service
  • Compute: Bare Metal & Virt ual Machines
  • Images and Custom Images
  • Block Volumes and Secondary vNICs
Storage Service
  • Object Storage Service
  • Managing Buckets and Objects
  • Block Volume Service
  • Managing Block Storage Volumes
  • Data Transfer Service
Load Balancing Service
  • Public/Private Load Balancing
  • Public Load Balancer Example Configuration
Database Service
  • Database Service: Use Cases
  • Database Service: Platform Offerings
  • Bare Metal Database System
  • Database Editions and Versions
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS Service
  • Capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS
  • Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS
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