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Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase: Build, Manage Apps and Cubes (D100497)

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In this Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase: Build, Manage Apps and Cubes course, you learn how to create, manage, and use your Analytics Cloud - Essbase applications and cubes. You will learn to work with Application workbooks, create a cube from tabular data, analyze data with Smart View, loading data and executing scripts in OAC-Essbase. Design discussions and hands-on activities help you practice the skills taught.

Learn How To:
  • Work with application workbook
  • Create Cubes from Tabular Data
  • Create and Manage Cube Outlines in Cloud Service
  • Executing scripts in OAC-Essbase
Benefits to You:

As a data analysist, you'll learn about the structure of an application workbook, how to create an application in the cloud service and provision a user to access and query the cube.


  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analyst
  • Cloud Technical Consultants


Knowledge on Dimensional modeling


  • Discuss the features and benefits of Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase (OAC Essbase)
  • Define identity domains and services instances
  • Describe user-level and application-level roles in OAC Essbase
  • Explain how application workbooks, Smart View, and Cube Designer are used in OAC Essbase


Overview of Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase
  • Introduction to Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase
  • Designing and Creating Cubes with Application Workbooks
Navigate OAC Essbase
  • Getting Started with OAC Essbase
  • Configure Smart View and Cube Designer
Create and Analyze Cubes with Application Workbooks
  • Essbase.Cube Worksheet
  • Dimension Worksheets
Create Cubes from Tabular Data
  • Working with Tabular Data
  • Transform Data to Cube
Create and Update Cubes in Cube Designer
  • Using Cube Designer
  • Incremental Cube Updates in Cube Designer
Manage Cube Outlines in Cloud Service
  • Adding dimensions and members to outlines
  • Create and execute a calculation script
Export and Modify Metadata and Data
  • Export application workbooks
  • Export Essbase on-premises cubes
Load Data and Files to a Cube
  • Load data from application workbooks
  • Load data in the cloud service
Calculate and Audit Data in a Cube
  • Create and execute calculation scripts
  • Set application-level tracing and auditing
Model Data with Private Scenarios
  • Describe scenario management, scenarios, and sandboxes
  • Create scenarios and add sandboxes
Create Partitions to Link Cubes
  • Define transparent partitions and replicated partitions
  • Describe the use of the @XREF and @XWRITE functions
MaxL and the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Create and run MaxL scripts
  • Use the command-line interface
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