SMAX Essentials for Support Engineers (SMAX210)


Course Overview

This course covers how a support engineer uses the Service Management Automation X (SMAX) Agent interface to support the IT needs of a business. SMAX is a new suite designed to simplify the way businesses manage their IT services and assets. It uses the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant IT processes with embedded machine learning and contextual analytics. This course is applicable for SMAX 2018.02, 2018.05, 2018.08, 2018.11, 2019.02, 2019.05, 2019.08, and 2019.11 versions. However, the hands-on lab exercises in this course use SMAX 2019.05.

Who should attend

This course is intended for Support Engineers, application owners, and system engineers.


To be successful in this course, you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge.
  • Familiarity with different roles in an IT service management environment
  • Familiarity with different flavors of the user interfaces provided by SMAX
  • Familiarity with different versions of the SMAX available

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the basic architecture of SMAX
  • Create an incident template and model
  • Open an incident, classify, and monitor targets
  • Apply a template to an incident and resolve using knowledge
  • Apply a model to an incident, discuss with another agent, and complete tasks
  • Escalate an incident
  • Create a problem from an Incident
  • Create and classify a problem
  • Create a problem template
  • Investigate, resolve, review, and close a problem
  • Create a problem record from the hot topic incidents trend
  • Create a change template and model
  • Open and evaluate a change
  • Plan a Change
  • Approve a Change
  • Complete a Change task
  • Deploy a Change
  • Validate and close a Change
  • Schedule a change using Change calendar
  • Reschedule a change and view the impact
  • Use change analytics dashboard to improve performance
  • Create a Release Model
  • Create a Release
  • Create a Maintenance Window
  • Schedule and Manage a Change within a Release
  • Create a report and manage the dashboard.

Course Content

Module 1: Course Overview
  • Introduce the course overview, agenda, and logistics
  • List the available SMAX courses
  • Launch the Digital Learning course
Module 2: SMAX Architecture Overview and Incident Management
  • Explain the SMAX architecture overview
  • Explore the Agent IT Interface
  • Access the Incident Management module
  • Explain the Incident template and models
  • Create an incident record, classify, and monitor targets
  • Apply template, resolve, and close an incident
  • Apply incident model to an incident, discuss with another support engineer, and work on task fulfillment.
  • Escalate an incident
  • Open a related record (problem) for an incident.
Module 3: Problem Management
  • Access the Problem Management module
  • Create and classify a problem
  • Explain the problem templates
  • Investigate and resolve a problem
  • Analyze the incident trend using hot topic analytics.
Module 4: Change Management
  • Access the Change Management module
  • Explain the change templates and models
  • Understand the different types of changes
  • Open and evaluate a change
  • Explain the change plan
  • Approve a change
  • Work on task fulfillment
  • Explain change deployment
  • Validate a change
Module 5: Change Calendar
  • Explain the change calendar and how to use it
  • Visualize the impact a change has on involved configuration items.
  • Improve performance of a change using change analytics.
Module 6: Release Management
  • Access the Release Management module
  • Explain the release model
  • Understand the release process
  • Create a time period for a maintenance window.
  • Schedule and re-schedule changes using change calendar
Module 7: Reports and Dashboards
  • Navigate the Reports User interface
  • Personalize the dashboard
  • Create a report and display it on a dashboard

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