Operations Orchestration 10.x Intermediate and Advanced (OO350)


Course Overview

In the Intermediate and Advanced Authoring course you will become familiar with all aspects of authoring within Operations Orchestration 9.00. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Author new operations to perform various tasks in your flows
  • Incorporate subflows to simplify flow design
  • Extract data from complex output using filters
  • Use looping and iteration, control access to objects in the repository
  • Persist data across flow runs
  • Practice many advanced flow development techniques that will prepare you for working on a variety of Operations Orchestration deployments

The course consists of focused, task-oriented lectures and detailed hands-on labs. This is the Intermediate and Advanced course for Operations Orchestration.

Who should attend

  • Existing users of HP Operations Orchestration 9.0


  • Familiarity with Operations Orchestration 9.0
  • Familiarity with networking terms and concepts
  • Familiarity with Web browsers and telnet or SSH connection methods
  • Familiarity with different operating system environments

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Author new operations to perform various tasks
  • Incorporate subflows into your flow designs
  • Extract data from complex output with filters
  • Use looping and iteration content to perform repetitive tasks, compile lists, and other tasks involving iteration
  • Control access to OO objects in the Library
  • Make flow data persistent across flow runs
  • Use Parallel Processing to increase the efficiency of your flows
  • Use responses, rules, and transitions to control flow execution
  • Use XML Processing content and filters to extract information from XML documents
  • Use Remote Action Service to extend HP OO to remote networks
  • Work With File Systems
  • Work With Email

Course Content

  • Working With Operations
  • Working With Subflows
  • Filtering Flow Data
  • Looping and Iteration
  • Controlling Access to OO Objects
  • Persisting Data Across Flow Runs
  • Parallel Processing
  • Using Responses, Rules, and Transitions to Control Flow Execution
  • XML Processing
  • Extending Flows with Remote Action Services
  • Working with File Systems
  • Working with Email

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