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LoadRunner 12.6x Essentials (LR120)



  • Quality Assurance and Performance Engineers
  • Users of LoadRunner who need to create scripts to load test their Web applications
  • Executives involved in any aspect of the load testing process


Working knowledge of:

  • Windows
  • Web sites and browsers
  • Fundamental understanding of C programming is helpful, but not required


At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Identify information that needs to be gathered for load testing
  • Identify the components of LoadRunner
  • Record scripts in the Web environment using VuGen
  • Measure steps and business processes using transactions
  • Parameterize scripts to vary user input data
  • Customize scripts by adding VuGen and basic C functions
  • Correlate scripts to process server-generated data
  • Apply the workflow recommended for creating a basic scenario
  • Assign scripts, run-time settings, performance monitors, load generators and Vusers to a scenario based on your load testing goals
  • Load test your application by executing a scenario
  • Use the Analysis tool to view the results of a scenario


This five-day course introduces students to LoadRunner 12.x. The course covers topics for the VuGen, the Controller, and Analysis tools. It also includes a final one day, hands-on lab. LoadRunner is an automated load testing tool that allows you to test your application before, during, and after deployment. This course is designed to give you a firm foundation in basic load testing tasks. The Virtual User Generator (VuGen) is a scripting tool used to record and run user actions on the application to be load tested. You will plan, create, and enhance VuGen scripts in the Web environment. The Controller tool is used to execute scripts created in VuGen. You will create and run load test scenarios using the Controller. The Analysis tool is used to analyze load test results. You will learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is executed. Hands-on labs are designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to create scripts in VuGen, execute scenarios in the Controller, and view the results in the Analysis.

Major Topics - VuGen
  • Recording for the Web
  • Replay
  • Transactions
  • Parameters
  • Auto Correlation After Recording
  • Verification
  • Actions
  • Introduction to Script View
  • Advanced Scripting Techniques
  • Manual Correlation
  • Auto Correlation During Recording
Major Topics – Controller and Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Planning an Effective Load Test
  • LoadRunner Installation
  • Introduction to Scenarios
  • Using Run-Time Settings
  • Scenario Execution
  • Scheduling Scenarios
  • Performance Monitors
  • Analysis
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Dauer 5 Tage

Sprache der Kursunterlagen: englisch

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