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Presenting in English (PE)



How do you stay relaxed when delivering an English presentation and how can you be convincing even if your English is not perfect? By delivering your ideas and presenting yourself with great confidence! Make use of your voice, body language and wit and balance out possible linguistic shortcomings with your personality as a success factor. During the training you will exercise a lot in English and will gain confidence in your ability to reach your audience.


Specialists and managers as well as project managers who need to present in English. All those who need to work in the English language in every day business and have to make presentations within and outside of their organisation.


You will learn how to

  • be persuasive when presenting at your language level, optimise your body language and manner of speaking by building on your strengths
  • demonstrate competence, trustworthiness and a personable character.


Success factor: rhetoric
  • Describe complex situations simply and clearly
  • Combine facts with a personal touch
  • Build rapport with the audience
  • Develop a good speaking style
Success factor: English language
  • Relevant English phrases for presentations and for leading discussions
  • Overcoming insecurity– articulating clearly
  • Increasing impact through clarity of speech
  • Benefiting from insecurities
  • Using humour convincingly
Success factor: body language
  • Poised body language and open gestures
  • Develop a powerful and dynamic appearance
  • Learn the basic rules of clear body language and movement
  • Improve your charisma
  • Be open despite your nervousness
  • Stay friendly under pressure
Success factor: structure
  • Structuring a successful presentation
  • Delivering arguments and evidence clearly and convincingly
  • Tipps for Powerpoint presentations
Handling difficult situations
  • Handle interruptions, questions and objections
  • Manage your stage-fright
  • Perfect communication without perfect grammar
Managing intercultural situations
  • Recognise signals of respect, openness and understanding
  • Reflect on your own behaviour without stereotyping do's and don'ts
  • Manage misunderstandings
Practical tips and exercises
Classroom Training

Dauer 2 Tage

Preis (exkl. MwSt.)
  • Deutschland: 1.470,- €


09.12. ― 10.12.2020 Berlin Kurssprache: Englisch
22.03. ― 23.03.2021 Mannheim Kurssprache: Englisch