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IBM Statistics Academy - Telling the Story - Show what you did (U4A06G)

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This course is part 6 of 7 of the IBM Statistics Academy powered by Arrow Education.

Telling the story is a 2-day course in which participants are coached into successfully using statistical methods for business decisions. This does not only require profound statistical skills, it also requires communicating findings with colleagues and superiors. In this course, participants will learn to adequately present their statistical findings. In addition to individualized tables and figures from IBM SPSS, we will teach an innovative approach to dynamically visualize statistical results - and help you "shine with IBM SPSS".


Data analysts confronted with the task of presenting findings and insights to non-statisticians


  • Experience with IBM SPSS syntax
  • Advanced knowledge on statistical analysis


The course will enable data analysts to securely present and explain statistical findings to non-analysts.


  • Designing custom tables
  • Creating custom graphics
  • Shiny in IBM SPSS - interactive graphics and content
  • Presenting and explaining statistical concepts to non-statisticians
Classroom Training
Modality: G

Dauer 2 Tage

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