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Operations Manager 9.x on UNIX / Linux Administration Essentials (OMU120)

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New users of HP Operations Management (OMi) 9.x, including:

  • IT Tools Engineers
  • Operations Staff
  • Operations Managers
  • Availability Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators


Successful completion of the BSM 9 Essentials course and Working knowledge of the following:

  • IT operations principles and practices
  • Systems and network, administration
  • Industry-standard operating systems
  • Network, system, and application monitoring principles and practices


This 5 day, entry-level, instructor-led training offers technical personnel, who are new to Operations Management i Software (OMi) 9.x, the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in applying the fundamental principles, methodologies, and capabilities for managing events using OMi. OMi is a best-in-class service operations solution. This course is recommended for individuals who are responsible for designing, implementing, or administering effective service operations capabilities for mission-critical business services. This course includes hands-on labs that use version 9.2 of the OMi software.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the core features and capabilities of HP OMi and its role in event management
  • Describe OMi’s role as a consolidated console and operations bridge
  • Use OMi to effectively identify, prioritize, and resolve incidents
  • Customize the OMi console for specific user roles
  • Understand and tune CI resolution and correlation
  • Use and configure OMi Performance Graphs
  • Use and configure OMi Tools
  • Understand basic concepts of UCMDB and RTSM
  • Create and tune TBEC correlation rules
  • Understand deployment architecture and options
  • Configure integration between OMi and OM
  • Configure integration between OMi and SiteScope
  • Configure integration between OMi and EUM
  • Configure integration between OMi and Service Manager


  • Introduction to OMU/OML Administration
  • Essential OMU/OML Architecture
  • The OMU/OML Users
  • Working with the Java GUI
  • Using the OMU/OML Admin UI
  • Adding OMU/OML Users
  • Managing Nodes in OMU/OML
  • From Event to Message Browser
  • Managing Policies
  • Pattern Matching
  • Policy Conditions
  • Configuring Message Actions
  • More Policy Options
  • Logfile Entry Policies
  • Open Message Interface Policies
  • SNMP Trap Policies
  • Measurement Threshold Policies
  • Performance Collection Component
  • Scheduled Task Policies
  • WMI Policies
  • Service and Process Monitor Policies
  • Basic Message Reduction
  • Managing Tools
  • Using Service Navigator
  • Other Administrative Tasks
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