Connect-It 9.x Essentials (CIT120)

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Customers: Administrators, developers, web developers, and managers who are managing the Connect-It product.


Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Navigate Connect-It
  • Create Connect-It mappings
  • Add Connect-It scripts
  • Schedule Connect-It
  • Set reconciliation keys
  • Work with Connect-It associated files
  • Create Process Reports
  • Asset Manager, Service Manager Connector Configuration
  • Migrate Connect-It Scenarios from system to system


This course provides students with the skills needed to effectively use and manage the HP Connect-It Software product. This administrator level course helps students understand and be able to use Connect-It as an integration tool to assist in sharing data between two or more systems. This 3-day course is 50 % lecture and 50 % hands-on.

Basics of Connect-It
  • Introduction to Connect-It
  • Types of Connectors
  • Benefits of Connect-It
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Basic Steps to Executing a Scenario
  • Connect-It Log
  • Session Reports
  • Connect-It Functions
Functional Components
  • Scenario Documentation
  • Comparing Scenarios
  • Associated Files
  • Mapping Two Data Sources to One Target System
  • Working with Collection Documents
  • Using Reconciliation Keys
  • Reconciliation Keysets
Advanced Topics
  • Setting up a Schedule
  • Configuring Processing Reports
  • Using Process Report Wizard
  • Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Asset Manager Connector
  • Command Line Connector
  • ServiceCenter Connector
  • Service Manager Web Services
  • Data Integrator
  • Advanced Connect-It Configuration
  • Advanced Mapping Scenario
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