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Business Process Testing 12.0 Essentials (BPT120)



  • Test Automation Engineers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Managers


  • Experience with Microsoft Windows
  • Basic understanding of the testing process
  • Familiarity with Quality Center concepts and terminology
  • Experience with QuickTest Professional is extremely helpful


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain Business Process Testing (BPT).
  • Evaluate your application-under-test (AUT), identify its business processes (BPs), and map the BP activities.
  • Explain the roles and recommended workflow for using BPT.
  • Create effective manual and automated BPTs.
  • Manage and run your BPTs within your QA processes.


You will learn the process of creating BPT components and tests using both QuickTest Professional and Quality Center. You will also study how to create and manage BPT application areas, object repositories, keywords, functions and scripted components. Best practices for the implementation of BPT automation are stressed throughout the course. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises designed to provide you with the ability to successfully automate using the BPT methodology.

This course is for Test Automation Engineers and Subject Matter Experts who will be using QuickTest Professional and Quality Center to implement automation in a Business Process Testing environment

Classroom Training

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