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Monitoring with Prometheus (MP)


Course Overview

The Monitoring with Prometheus training accelerates your understanding of Prometheus and provides a practical instruction on how to implement Prometheus on Kubernetes. The class covers key monitoring concepts, presents important metrics including the 4 golden signals, and shows how to implement alerting rules. The course is directed towards developers and system administrators with basic knowledge of Linux operating systems and command-line tools.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of Linux operating system, command-line tools, containers and a PC with modern browsers and a fast Internet connection.

Course Content

  • Getting started with Prometheus
  • Pull model monitoring
  • The Prometheus server
  • Metrics exporters
  • Service discovery mechanisms
  • Using the expression browser
  • Start the node exporter
  • Configure Prometheus to monitor the node exporter
  • Use prometheus-operator
  • Monitor kubernetes components and etcd
  • Learn the expression language
  • Instrument code and run example-app based on Go or Python
  • Run Grafana dashboard
  • Write example-app alert
Online Training

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Sprache der Kursunterlagen: Englisch

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