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Google Cloud Data Engineer Certification Preparation Workshop (GCDECPW)



This workshop was developed from our team of certified Google Cloud Data Engineer Professional to help other IT professionals to prepare for passing the Google Data Engineer Professional Exam.

You will review all related topics covered by the exam, discuss the exam relevant usecases and work with real world exam questions, to test your knowledge on each exam outline.

The workshop assumes prior knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and does not replace any GCP training. It is highly recommanded to visit the official Google Cloud Data Engineering Trainings (for all available Trainings, please click here. )

Inklusive Testvoucher zur Prüfung zum Google Cloud Certified - Professional Data Engineer


This workshop is for budding Google Cloud Data Engineers, data scientist, Machine Learning practitioners and everybody who want to learn and use the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform for Big Data Services.


Empfohlenes Training für die Zertifizierung zum:


Prior to participate the Google Cloud Data Engineer Professional Exam workshop, students must have knowledge and experience working with Google Cloud Platform, ML and Big Data. The understanding of data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming, and publishing data, the design, build, operationalize, secure, and monitor data processing systems with a particular emphasis on security and compliance and the ability to leverage, deploy, and continuously train pre-existing machine learning models, is a good preparation to participate this workshop.

It is strongly recommended that candidates take Google’s Google Cloud Fundamentals: Big Data and Machine Learning (GCF-BDM) and Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform (DEGCP) classes prior to attending this workshop.


Prepare for the following topics of the GCP Cloud Data Engineer certification exam

  • Design data processing systems
  • Build and operationalize data processing systems
  • Operationalize machine learning models
  • Ensure solution quality

The workshop includes instructor lecture, practice exams and case study discussions. The instructor will provide links to recommended study, videos, and further tutorials.


  • Designing data processing systems
  • Building and operationalizing data processing systems
  • Operationalizing machine learning models
  • Ensuring solution quality
  • Sample case studies during this Workshop
Classroom Training

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