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Emotional Intelligence (EI)


Who should attend

The target group for this seminar is for everyone who wants to maximize their performance, as well as personal and business success.


This program can be utilized as a standalone training, or as part of a learning journey

Course Objectives

Through your active participation, you will learn about the five aspects of emotional intelligence and how each one impacts your performance in a different way.

The participant will be able to determine areas for development in your emotional intelligence and develop an action plan for achieving greater leadership competence.

The objectives of this course is to learn and practice the EI skills that are the core of achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress, engaging healthy conflict and collaboration, and exhibiting resilience and optimism.

Hereby the following 7 objectives of the course:

  • To define emotions and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • To distinguish emotional intelligence from other forms of intelligences
  • To list the criticality of emotional intelligence in work, life and relationships
  • To learn about the link between emotions and performance in the people you lead
  • To learn about the link between emotions and performance in your performance as a leader
  • To positively reframe our situations to operate more positively
  • To raise own personal awareness, and awareness of others

Course Content

  • Understand importance of using Emotional Intelligence
  • Discuss brain function and differences between IQ and EI
  • Familiarize participants with the Five Elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Analyze the skeleton of the Emotional Intelligence
  • Benefit of using Emotional Intelligence in workplace
  • Identify patterns, triggers and emotional habits that either drive or derail your performance
  • Provide guidance to improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Offer tactics to reframe situations
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