Blockchain Developer Training (BDT)

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An intensive 2-day blockchain developer training course for programmers who want to learn how to develop on the blockchain.

The course focuses on Ethereum, one of the most prominently supported, implemented and wide spread blockchain technology platforms. It this thus an ideal entry into the field.

The developers course will equip you with the skills and resources to further your understanding of programming on the blockchain in your own capacity.


Software developers, Systems Architects, Software Engineers, Innovation Officers, Technology Officers, Devops Managers. (The first two days are designed for both technology managers and developers, whereas the last day caters specifically to software developers. The goal is to achieve a mutual shared knowledge base and technology acumen.)


No prior knowledge of Blockchain or Ethereum is required though participants are advised to have some experience in coding in JavaScript, Java, Python or C++. The course includes use of practical exercises and activities, as well as interaction with the live Ethereum Network.


Day 1: Ethereum Network and Smart Contract Ecosystem
  • A historical overview of the development of commerce and where it’s headed in the digital era.
  • Trust, value and the requirements of a currency in the modern age. How decentralization has become practically feasible.
  • Understanding Ethereum and what sets it apart (Light clients, Turing-completeness, a general-purpose blockchain)
  • Activity – creation of a user account on Ethereum and live transaction auditing

Exercise: creation of a personal account on Ethereum and live transaction auditing

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine: Introduction to one of the worlds first decentralized “computers”.
  • Smart contracts and live DApp demos. The workings of applications that are executed decentralized on the blockchain.
  • Overview of decentralized Applications and the DAO. The infamous hardforks on Ethereum explained.
  • The state of DApps – Ethereum’s nascent decentralized application landscape. What actual applications and use cases have been developed and what are current limitations.
  • Smart contract best practices: what tools to use in development and how to ensure you’re writing safe code.

Exercise: interact with a live smart contract & analyse it’s transaction history

  • Tokens! A look into some of the open source standards out there like MiniMe, ERC721 and the Yoga Token, in order to give a deep overview of the possibilities truly implied by programmable money.
Day 2: Hands-on With Software Clients, Contract Coding and Deployment
  • Client variety and history (DevCon 2 DDOS attacks as practical example)
  • Non-Fungible tokens to combat network slow downs (such as with the CryptoKitties phenomenon)
  • Scalability challenges and possible routes forward and planned developments.
  • DApps development hands on and examples. Building real world, working DApps to run on Ethereum.
  • Private blockchains like Quorum, hot-swappable consensus and how to code it at a smart contract level. The benefits of privacy and a look into zk-snark technology.
  • Use cases and ecosystem overview: i.e. how Ethereum and other blockchain networks are likely to change industries over the next 5-10 years.
  • Activity: Discussion around participant ideas and development (1 hour)

Exercise: deploying a private blockchain among participants and experimenting with privateFor transactions.

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