ExtremeWireless Cloud and Troubleshooting (EWT)


Course Overview

Designed for networking professionals responsible for supporting and troubleshooting wireless LAN networks. This course is an advanced level class building upon the student’s real working experiences with ExtremeWireless Cloud and ExtremeCloud IQ. Please read the pre-requisites before enrolling on the class as prior experience with ExtremeCloud IQ and ExtremeWireless Cloud is expected. The class is afast paced, fault-based scenario lab which immerses the student in real life situations requiring fault diagnosis and remedial actions. It provides students with the information and skills necessary to troubleshoot common WLAN issues using ExtremeCloud IQ tools and networking solutions.


To gain the maximum learning experience from this class, it is extremely important that attendees adhere to the following requirements prior to attending this course:

  • Have attend the ExtremeWireless Cloud training and hold the relevant ECS ExtremeWireless Cloud certification, or, to have been grandfathered from the Aerohive ACMA qualification onto ExtremeWireless Cloud ECS.
  • Possess significant working experience with Extreme/Aerohive products as well as wireless networking. Attendees need to be able to navigate and configure the current version of XIQ confidently with minimal or no instruction.
  • Have access to the internet to connect to XIQ for the virtual instructor– led classes or bring their own laptop to classroom based instructor–led classes.

Course Objectives

Successful candidates will gain the skills and knowledge to deploy, configure and troubleshoot ExtremeWireless Cloud installations and common wireless issues using the in-built tools and the Wireshark protocol analyzer.

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