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PowerMax Features and Administration (PMFA)


Course Overview

This course provided an introduction to PowerMax arrays. It included an overview of the architecture, configuration options, and management and administration options.

Who should attend

This course is intended for Storage Architects and Administrators who wish to get an overview of the architecture of PowerMax arrays and the tools available for management and administration of the arrays.


  • General knowledge of computer storage
  • Introductory knowledge of information technology
  • Basic Mainframe and Open Systems host environments and terminology

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe The PowerMax array models and configuration options
  • Controlling and monitoring PowerMax arrays with Unisphere for PowerMax
  • Managing PowerMax arrays with Solutions Enabler

Course Content

Module 1: PowerMax Overview

Introduction to PowerMax

  • Model Introduction
  • Common Features
  • PowerMax 2000 configurations
  • PowerMax 8000 configurations
  • Management

PowerMax Software Packaging

  • PowerMax Essentials
  • PowerMax Pro
  • PowerMax zEssentials
  • PowerMax zPro

Use Cases

  • Data Reduction
  • Service Levels
  • Migration
Module 2: Manage and Monitor with Unisphere for PowerMax

Overview and architecture

  • Unisphere for PowerMax functionality
  • Unisphere for PowerMax architecture
  • Deployment options

Documentation and Installation

  • Docmentation and software
  • System requirements for Unisphere for PowerMax
  • Installation considerations
  • Install Unisphere for PowerMax

Unisphere for PowerMax Interface

  • Launch the Unisphere for PowerMax interface
  • Accessing Online help
  • Navigate the Unisphere for PowerMax interface
  • Demo: Unisphere for PowerMax interface

Unisphere for PowerMax Administration

  • Perform security-related tasks
  • Configure alerts and thresholds
  • Create new user
  • Register arrays for performance data collection
  • Backup the performance database
  • Demo: Local Users and Roles
  • Demo: System Registration
Module 3: Implement Solutions Enabler


  • Describe Solutions Enabler (SE)
  • Locate SE installation considerations and pre-requisites
  • Explain the steps to install Solutions Enabler
  • Outline SE post-installation tasks:
    • 1. Install and manage licenses
    • 2. Discover PowerMax array(s)
    • 3. Set environment variables
  • Overview SE client/server installation

Options and Environment Variables

  • Explain the purpose of the SYMAPI options file
  • Describe the intent of the daemon options file
  • Recall the need for SYMCLI environment variables
  • Explain the application of the Symmetrix avoidance file (symavoid)

Gatekeeper Management

  • Explain the function of gatekeepers and their selection criteria
  • Describe gatekeeper selection file (gkselect) and avoidance file (gkavoid)

Solutions Enabler Daemons

  • Describe the function of Solutions Enabler daemons
  • Identify the log files for commonly used daemons:
    • 1. Base daemon (storapid)
    • 2. Event daemon (storevntd)
    • 3. GNS daemon (storgnsd)
    • 4. RDF daemon (storrdfd)
  • Explain the function of SYMAPI Server daemon (storsrvd)

Solutions Enabler Virtual Appliance (vApp)

  • Describe the purpose of Solutions Enabler vApp
  • List the requirements for installing Solutions Enabler vApp
  • List tasks that can be performed using the Dell EMC vApp Manager for Solutions Enabler
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