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ViPR Implementation and Management (MR-1CN-VIPRIM)



This course is intended for those who will be involved in deploying, managing, and supporting ViPR 2.0.


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must have an understanding of:

  • Connectivity protocols: IP, FCP, iSCSI
  • Block and file EMC storage array concepts and configuration
  • Provisioning Storage Area Networks
  • Host operating systems: ESXi, Windows, Linux
  • Virtualized data center concepts
  • SRDF, RecoverPoint, and VPLEX concepts and configuration
  • ViPR SRM concepts
  • Cloud service concepts: services, catalogues
  • Knowledge of vCOPs, VASA, VSI, vCAC, vCenter, Microsoft SCVMM, OpenStack
  • RESTful application concepts


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Define key components, concepts and architecture of a ViPR solution
  • Configure the ViPR solution
  • Perform basic management and orchestration with the ViPR Controllers
  • Discover and manage assets using ViPR interfaces
  • Ingest existing volumes into a ViPR managed solution
  • Define the tools and methods used in extending and integrating ViPR with the customer environment
  • Demonstrate how to use the ViPR Plug-ins
  • Perform VMware and SCMM integration with ViPR
  • Integrate with Hadoop and Cloud vendors
  • Use the REST API to communicate and manage the ViPR solution


This course is intended for individuals who will install, configure and manage the base ViPR solution. Hands-on labs will cover the validation of the environment, installation of ViPR, and initial discovery and configuration of the solution. An introduction integrating ViPR with cloud stacks for provisioning, VCO/VCOPS orchestration, SCMM, and OpenStack. The course includes how to integrate and build applications using the ViPR Object Data Service.

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.

Introduction to ViPR

  • The Software Defined Storage Datacenter
  • ViPR Architecture and Concepts

Prepare the site for ViPR Discovery

  • Supported Arrays and Devices
  • Prerequisites for Installation

ViPR Discovery and Configuration

  • Projects, Tenants and Users
  • Physical Asset Discovery
  • ViPR Discovery

ViPR Virtual Resource Provisioning

  • Virtual Resource Abstraction
  • Virtual Arrays and Networks
  • Virtual Pools

ViPR Service Catalogs

  • Working with Services
  • Service Catalogs

ViPR Storage Provisioning

  • Provisioning Block Devices
  • Provisioning File Systems
  • Extending LUNs

ViPR Data Protection and HA Services

  • Data Protection and HA
  • Data Protection
  • Data High Availability

ViPR Object Data Services

  • Object Operations with ViPR
  • HDFS Operations with ViPR

ViPR Ingestion and Onboarding

  • ViPR Ingestion
  • ViPR Onboarding

ViPR Integration

  • ViPR Integration Use Cases
  • ViPR Integration Points

Integration with Virtualized Hosts

  • VM Integration with ViPR
  • Extending VMware Integration

Cloud and Data Service Integration

  • Data Services Integration
  • Data Service Integration with Cloud Providers
  • Object on File Services
  • Integration with Hadoop


  • The ViPR API
  • Extending ViPR with API
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