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Securing Windows Infrastructure (CAST616)



Passionate IT Professionals, including: Information Security Professionals, Government Agents, IT Administrators, IT Architects, Risk Assessment Professionals, Penetration Testers


Knowledge of windows operating system


This 3 day training deep dives into the key aspects of solving infrastructure-related problems by appreciating the key elements of how Windows Internal Security mechanisms actually work and how it can be further optimized without jeopardizing or easing an organization's IT Environment configuration settings which becomes common as time passes. Some of the highlights of this course are techniques used in Kernel Debugging, Malware hunting, deep diving into BitLocker and the automation of the whole hardening process.


  • Unit 1: Windows 7 & 8 Hardening
  • Unit 2: Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows Server 8 Hardening
  • Unit 3: Hardening Microsoft Network Roles
  • Unit 4: Windows High Availability
  • Unit 5: Data and Application Security
  • Unit 6: Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Auditing Windows
  • Unit 7: Automating Windows hardening
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Dauer 3 Tage

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Dauer 3 Tage

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