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Commvault Essentials (CE)



Discover the basic concepts and methodologies for working with Commvault® Software. This 1-day course provides an introductory, high level understanding of the Commvault Software terminology, with conceptual explanations of CommCell® components. Included topics covered in this class are the CommServe® server, MediaAgents, Clients, and Storage Policies as well as data movement, such as backup, restore, and reporting within a CommCell® group. While this course will provide a basic understanding of Commvault Software, it is targeted to smaller environments managing only file systems and virtual environments. Those responsible for medium and large datacenter and enterprise environments should proceed to the next level by taking the Commvault Professional (CP) course for a more in-depth, technical and hands-on training experience. This course does not include hands-on labs or certification.


This course is intended for personnel new to Commvault® Software who will be responsible for conducting basic administrative activities.


It is recommended that you watch the Welcome to Commvault® e-Learning course. This course is included at no additional cost, as a part of your class registration, and is recommended to be completed prior to attending this course.


CommCell® Administration
  • CommCell® Administration Overview
  • Security
  • CommCell® Administrative Tasks
Storage Configuration
  • MediaAgents and Indexing
  • Disk Storage
  • Deduplication Overview
Storage Policies
  • Storage Policy Overview
  • Storage Policy Structure
Client Administration
  • Client Tree Structure
  • Commvault Agents
  • Subclient Overview
Data Protection and Recovery
  • Data Protection Overview
  • Data Recovery Overview
  • CommCell® Monitoring Resources
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