Business & IT Convergence - Creating a Business Case (BIC-CBC)

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Rapidly changing environments require a new sales style. Besides acquiring increased knowledge about technologies, account teams must learn and apply new practices and skills to resonate with stakeholders outside of IT.

Account teams are challenged by an ongoing transformation:

1. Business & IT converge: IT is no longer supporting infrastructure only but is becoming the strategic platform for any organizations development. Infrastructure and applications must be aligned with corporate strategy in order to contribute significant value.

2. More and more IT budget is allocated outside the IT department due to business requirements. Beyond plain technical features, the functionality and value of complex IT solutions must be “translated“ into business terms.

3. As investments into IT are growing, managers ask for financial returns, value creation and other measures of success. IT investments must be linked with strategic and operative goals.

The third course of our transformative education program is addressing the Convince & Close phase and focuses on the financial aspects of any transformative architecture opportunity. Participants will learn to identify major architectural benefits and communicate the values supporting the corresponding business case. Knowing motivation and risk helps participants to build a compelling business case demonstrating the impact of technology on a customers’ organization and the value it creates (ROI). Mastering technical as well as business aspects will help participants to become their customer’s trusted advisor.

The course helps participants to build a compelling business case and a story. With this, account teams are equipped to present in front of any senior executive and not only in front of the IT department. The second part of this course is focused on the various negotiation and objection handling techniques to successfully close the deal.

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Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • understand investment appraisal techniques customers may apply
  • Show and validate key financial indicators such as NPV, ROI and TCO
  • Evaluate the advantages/benefits of an architecture
  • Uncover motivation and risk of a transformative architecture engagement
  • Show the business impact of architectures in financial terms as a foundation for a compelling business case
  • Create a business case story and present/communicate the business case in front of business stakeholders
  • Apply the key elements of a successful negotiation and to manage objections

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