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CA Client Automation 14.0: Basic Administration and Foundations 200 (88CLM2009T)



CA Client Automation is a single, integrated management solution, which helps you gain the control necessary to deliver IT services needed to manage an enterprise-level client environment.

In this course, you will be shown the different options available for the implementation of CA Client Automation and the necessary architecture to support the deployment. You will deploy and configure common components, and cover the steps necessary to effectively, efficiently and securely manage your physical and virtual infrastructures. This course also provides the foundation for the software delivery and asset management features of the CA Client Automation solution.


  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Desktop Support Manager
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Release Packager
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • IT Asset Manager


  • Familiarity with MicrosoftWindows
  • Familiarity with personalcomputer applications


  • Deploy common components and create a basic infrastructure footprint
  • Configure components to best fit business requirements
  • Create and deploy policies
  • Monitor status of components
  • Set security parameters to maintain tighter security
  • Group computers to better implement management goals
  • Create and view reports


Module 1 – Define CA Client Automation
  • Identify features and functions of CA Client Automation
  • Define the basic CA Client Automation architecture
  • Define Domain to Enterprise Replication
  • Navigate the DSM Explorer and Web Console
  • Identify optional components of CA Client Automation
  • Explore optional implementation features
  • Discuss CA Client Automation integration with other CA Technologies products
Module 2 – Deploy CA Client Automation Agents
  • Identify agent deployment options
  • Describe the agent deployment process
  • Deploy CA Client Automation agents
  • Monitor job status
  • Validate the agent deployment
  • Troubleshoot the agent deployment
Module 3 – Configure CA Client Automation Agents and Components
  • Manage configuration policy
  • Configure the agent scalability server parameter
  • Troubleshoot a configuration policy job
  • Describe and enable location awareness
Module 4 – Manage Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Monitor the health of the manager, scalability servers, and agents
Module 5 – Set Security Parameters
  • Define user authentication in CA Client Automation
  • Configure CA Client Automation common security
  • Create security profiles and permissions
  • Describe security area support
  • Define encryption configuration
Module 6 – Create Queries
  • Use queries in CA Client Automation
  • Run a query and save the results
  • Create new queries with the Query Designer
Module 7 – Create Groups
  • Create static groups
  • Create dynamic groups
  • Build nested groups
Module 8 – Create Reports Using the DSM Reporter
  • Create a new Report Template
  • Schedule and publish a report
  • Create a query-based report
Module 9 – Maintain CA Client Automation
  • Manage the engine
  • Create a new engine instance
  • Describe replication
  • Define the mdb administrative console
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