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CA Client Automation 14.0: Software Delivery 200 (88CLM2008T)



The software delivery (SD) component within Client Automation accelerates and automates the deployment of software and other digital content to resources across the extended enterprise. The SD component comprises flexible tools to build, distribute, install, and manage software packages and operating systems on target computers letting you attain full control over the operation and performance of software installed on the computers connected to your network.

In this course, you will be shown how to install, configure, verify, and remove software throughout your business environment in a controlled and standardized way, providing a broad platform and protocol coverage for software administration throughout the enterprise.


  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Desktop Support Manager
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Release Packager
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • IT Asset Manager



  • Use CA Software Delivery through deployment of the CA DSM agent
  • Configure and administer the Software Delivery agent
  • Register and update packages in the software library
  • Integrate CA Patch Manager with Software Delivery
  • Organize and maintain the software library
  • Setup and manage the Catalog for end-user install on demand functionality


Module 1 – Use CA Software Delivery
  • Describe the Software Delivery deployment process
  • Deploy software packages and monitor job status
  • Customize deployment using advanced job options
  • Troubleshoot Software Delivery deployment
  • Execute additional software package procedures
Module 2 – Configure CA Software Delivery
  • Configure Software Delivery components
  • Implement Neighbor Aware software distribution
  • Create DSM calendars
Module 3 – Create and Deliver Packages
  • Create and deploy software packages
  • Register MSI and MSP packages
  • Use the Software Management Packager
  • Describe virtual application packages
  • Unseal a Software Package
  • Export and import a software package
Module 4 – Use CA Patch Manager
  • Identify the benefits of CA Patch Manager
  • Describe the components of CA Patch Manager
  • Describe how the deployment process works
  • Download a patch and perform a test deployment
Module 5 – Manage the Software Library
  • Manage a scalability server software library
  • Create software policy
  • Archive and delete packages
  • Manage Reinstall-after-crash (RAC) policy
Module 6 – Manage the Catalog
  • Create catalog groups
  • Catalog-enable procedures
  • Link packages to the catalog
  • Request software package deployment using the catalog
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