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CA Workload Automation DE r12.x: Foundations 200 (85DSR20071)



Business has evolved such that scheduling simple tasks on a single platform at a specific time and date is not enough. Rather, your enterprise needs a way to manage thousands of requests for cross‐platform workload processing and the complex interdependencies across the IT infrastructure. Through multi‐platform scheduling, dynamic job control, and flexible job automation, CA Workload Automation DE offers a comprehensive, proven approach that helps you optimize business workflow management and improve the delivery of critical business services enterprise‐wide.

In this course, through understanding the architecture and high‐level feature set, creating applications and events, and defining calendars, you will be able to customize CA Workload Automation DE based on your enterprise needs. You will be taught to navigate to views and perspectives in the desktop client and manage and control active workload. The course also addresses job dependencies and requirements, Java scripting to define conditions and variables, and building, testing, and apply scheduling terms to help you successfully implement CA Workload Automation DE.


  • Application Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Job Schedulers


  • Identify the product architecture and the relationship between each component in CA Workload Automation DE.
  • Work with the Desktop Client to more efficiently define, monitor, and control enterprise workload from a single point of control.
  • Identify the server administration and maintenance settings to enable you to achieve better server performance.
  • Create applications to logically group processes.
  • Create CA Workload Automation DE events to control applications.
  • Monitor and control active workload to regulate your workload.
  • Automate workload on different servers and distribute workload between similar platforms and operating systems by identifying the components, features, and functions of agents and agent groups.
  • Work with calendars to meet your business needs.
  • Manage variables to streamline and simplify applications to decrease overhead.
  • Work with scripts to learn how to extend the capabilities of CA Workload Automation DE.
  • Create CA Workload Automation DE alerts and generate forecasting reports so you can better automate and control workload using CA Workload Automation DE.
  • Describe how an LDAP server enables you to retrieve and permit a set of users to log in to CA Workload Automation DE.
  • Describe how using CA Workload Automation DE with web services enables you to create, update, invoke, monitor, and control workload.


Module 1: Describe the CA Workload Automation DE Installation
  • Describe the product architecture
Module 2: Manage the Desktop Client
  • Install the Desktop Client
  • Navigate perspectives and views
Module 3: Manage the Server
  • Describe topology
  • Manage the server
Module 4: Create Applications
  • Define an application
  • Create applications
Module 5: Create CA Workload Automation DE Events
  • Define CA Workload Automation DE events
  • Create a CA Workload Automation DE event
Module 6: Monitor and Control Active Workload
  • Monitor and control active workload
Module 7: Manage Agents and Agent Groups
  • Define CA Workload Automation DE agents
  • Define agent groups
Module 8: Define Calendars
  • Define calendars
Module 9: Manage Variables and Resources
  • Manage variables
  • Work with CA Workload Automation DE resources
Module 10: Describe CA Workload
  • Identify JavaScript components
Module 11: Employ Other Features
  • Define notifications
  • Create CA Workload Automation DE alerts
  • Generate forecast reports
  • Migrate to CA Workload Automation DE r12.0
Module 12: Manage Users Using LDAP
  • Define the LDAP server
Module 13: Manage CA Workload Automation DE with Web Services
  • Define web services
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