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CA Service Catalog 17.0: Service Design 200 (33CAT20541)



Given the magnitude of investment in IT and its critical role in an organization’s success, demand for IT transparency and accountability has escalated accordingly. CA Service Catalog enables you to run IT as a business and efficiently deliver IT services. It simplifies your administration and management of IT services by automating service requests and subscriptions by users and customers.

This training content provides hands‐on comprehensive service design skills. It covers service offering planning and building, form design, request SLAs, automation, and localization. This content will help you efficiently perform installation design tasks using CA Service Catalog to meet business requirements, communicate value, and professionally govern your processes.


  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Service Requestor
  • Implementation Consultant
  • IT Architect
  • Partner
  • Pre‐sales Consultant
  • System Administrator
  • System Designer


CA Service Catalog 17.0: Fundamentals 200


  • Shorten the time required to implement a more complete design through requirements gathering.
  • Create and publish your service offerings in rich, descriptive business language using easy‐to‐understand forms in a centralized service catalog
  • Help ensure that critical business rules, business needs, or contractual obligations with service consumers are met
  • Automatically designate specific users as the assignees for a task
  • Enable an organization to keep one service in a single catalog for all languages


Module 1 – Gather Requirements
  • Describe how the ITIL Service Lifecycle relates to service design
  • Compare technical services to business services
  • Identify what to publish in the catalog
  • Determine how to structure services
Module 2 – Build a Service Offering
  • Describe how services are organized
  • Add SOGs
  • Add service options and service option elements
  • Add a folder and a service offering
  • Set up featured services
  • Create a standard template
Module 3 – Design Forms
  • Build a form
  • Populate form fields from database queries
  • Activate a form field using JavaScript
  • Perform validation
Module 4 – Add Request SLAs
  • Identify request SLA types
  • Configure business hours and outage calendars
  • Set up SLAs
  • Run SLA reports
Module 5 – Enable Automation of Service Offerings
  • Identify automation types
  • Set up approval driven by a policy task
  • Configure an event‐rule‐action
  • Configure out‐of‐the‐box automation capability
Module 6 – Localize Your CA Service Catalog Implementation
  • Localize your CA Service Catalog implementation
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