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CA Single Sign-On 12.7.x: Foundations 200 (04SSO20171)



CA Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a centralized security management foundation that enables secure use of the Web to deliver applications and data to customers, partners, and employees. This course provides you with the necessary skills to manage CA SSO to secure web applications. You will play a hands-on role in building a fully functional CA SSO environment.

Your understanding of concepts around using relational databases to store metadata, a strong understanding of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user directories, web servers and their role in business is essential to success in this course.


  • CA SSO Administrator
  • IT Architect
  • Partner (services delivery and presales)
  • Technical support analyst
  • Security specialists


  • CA SSO: basic understanding of the purpose/use of the product. Terminology provided in prerequisite reading of the product WIKI.
  • General: Windows server knowledge, basic user directory understanding (Active Directory / LDAP), web server operation (IIS)


  • Deploy a basic CA SSO environment
  • Configure the Policy Server with the Management Console
  • Administer Agents and Hosts
  • Connect user directories
  • Create access policies to protect resources
  • Implement HTML Forms and Integrated Windows authentication
  • Integrate web sites using Responses
  • Configure full logoff
  • Use virtual hosts and proxy rules to manage extranet (customer) traffic separately from intranet (employee) traffic
  • Secure web applications with the CA Access Gateway
  • Understand some of the advanced capabilities


Module 1: Introduction
  • Prerequisite recap
  • Use-case / scenario presented in this course
  • Definitions
Module 2: Architecture and Installation Overview
  • Major components
  • Deployment architectures
  • Dynamic lab architecture
  • Installation overview
Module 3: Configure the Policy Server with the Managment Console
  • Describe the management console
  • Start / stop the policy server
  • Configure data storage options
  • Enable policy server profiling
Module 4: Navigate the Admin UI to administer Agents and Hosts
  • Meet the Admin UI
  • Create Agent identities
  • Create Agent Configuration objects
  • Create Host Configuration objects
  • Manage cache
  • Configure the Web Agent
Module 5: Create an Access Policy
  • Policy considerations: get organized
  • Connect to Active Directory and LDAP user directories
  • Create a access policy using the Application method
  • Create a access policy using the policy-domain method
  • Use HTML and Windows authentication schemes
  • Integrate a web site using Responses
  • Configure full logoff
Module 6: Use the CA Access Gateway to Proxy Web Site Access
  • Meet the CA Access Gateway Admin UI
  • Enable logon to the CA Access Gateway Admin UI
  • Configure virtual hosts on the CA Access Gateway
  • Configure proxy rules to back-end servers
  • Create an access policy using the CA Access Gateway
Module 7: Getting Help
  • OneView Monitor
  • Remote Engineer
Module 8: Introduction to Advanced Capabilities
  • Federation
  • Social Sign-on (OAuth)
  • OpenID Connect
  • Enhanced Session Assurance with Device DNA
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