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CA Advanced Authentication r8.0: Foundations 200 (04AAA20111)



  • CA Advanced Authentication Administrator
  • IT Architect
  • Partner (services delivery and presales)
  • Technical support analyst
  • Security specialists


CA Advanced Authentication: basic understanding of the purpose and function of the product including the various authentication credentials and risk analysis Advanced Authentication provides.

General: Windows server knowledge, basic user directory understanding (Active Directory preferred), application server (Apache Tomcat preferred) functionality, MS SQL Server


  • Implement and administer the server components
  • Configure authentication and risk assessment processes
  • Use the SAML sample application and Adapter for testing
  • Utilize reporting capabilities


CA Advanced Authentication is a flexible and scalable solution that incorporates both risk-based authentication methods like device identification, geolocation and user activity, as well as a wide variety of multi-factor, strong authentication credentials.

In this course, you will be taught how to perform a typical complete installation, perform general administrative tasks like creating organizations and administrators, and use out-of-the-box authentication and risk configurations.

The dynamic lab environment enables hands-on practice using multiple credential types to create authentication configurations. You will create a Risk Authentication ruleset and apply it to an organization. You will test utilizing the included Adapter and SAML sample application, allowing you to experience the end-user authentication and enrollment process flows based on your configurations.

Module 1: Implement CA Advanced Authentication
  • Prepare the server for installation
  • Install CA Advanced Authentication server components
  • Run database scripts
  • Prepare the application server and deploy java applications
  • Verify the installation
  • Create an organization
  • Create an administrator
  • Create an authentication flow with Adapter and test with SAML sample application
Module 2: Perform General Administration
  • Use Advanced Authentication (administration console)
  • Organize configurations
  • Manage server instances
  • Adjust server logging
  • Locate reports
Module 3: Administer Strong Authentication
  • Manage authentication methods
  • Create issuance profiles
  • Create authentication policies
  • Assign credential defaults
  • Use global defaults in the organization
  • Manage user credentials
  • Use authentication reports
  • Locate and review log files
Module 4: Administer Risk Authentication
  • Describe the Risk Authentication workflow
  • Describe rule categories and rule sets
  • Use OOTB rules
  • Create custom rules
  • Describe risk score and advice
  • Use risk reports
  • Locate and review log files
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