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relayr Sales Enablement Training for Pre-Sales Engineers (RSESE)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1 Objectives:

  • Learn from real use cases with live dashboards
  • Understand the overall IoT Architectures, Stacks and Protocols
  • Differentiate between cloud only and fog based deployments
  • Explain the relayr IoT Middleware architectural framework in further detail
  • Compare and contrast Industrial vs. Consumer sensors
  • Learn about Communications Protocols & Strategy to understand interoperability
  • relayr Vertex for data management; Stream Processing; Batch Processing; protocol translation; Time Series Data

Module 2 Objectives:

  • How to demonstrate the relayr IoT platform and using a starter kit
  • Connect using Intel-relayr sensor kit and create a connected prototype
  • Leverage hands-on experience with multiple end devices / sensors
  • Training based on IoT Industrial Starter Kits
  • Getting Started with relayr IoT middleware – Registration, Developer Dashboard
  • Learn to deploy a relayr IoT solution from start to finish, completing all hardware and software configurations

Module 3 Objectives:

  • Learn about the Application Enablement Platform Layer
  • Build and deploy an IoT Application on relayr Millio
  • Create a dashboard based on Module 2 outcomes
  • If we feel we will have time also build an app using 1 SDK from relayr with sample code from Github

Module 4 Objectives:

  • Engagement model with relayr
  • How to Demo this prototype to a customer
  • key elements to showcase for customer wins
  • What to position to which customer – Starter Kit – TDM, 5-4-3 BDM, etc.