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Developing Rules Applications with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (JB463)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Author basic rules

  • Author basic business rules using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.
    • Rule basics
    • Rule components
    • Rule processing in JBTravel - a case study
    • Authoring rules with JBoss Developer Studio

Module 2: Decision tables

  • Describe the purpose and layout of a spreadsheet decision table, and identify how JBoss BRMS loads the decision table at runtime.
    • Decision tables in a spreadsheet
    • Decision tables at runtime

Module 3: Domain-specific languages

  • Describe the purpose of domain-specific languages (DSLs), how to declare them, and how to use them in a rule.
    • Domain specific language
    • DSL mapping file
    • DSL rule implementation

Module 4: Test rules

  • Verify that given appropriate facts, a rule will be matched and actioned.
    • Test rules with Junit.

Module 5: Author complex rules

  • Describe and use rules.
    • Advanced conditional elements
    • Advanced field constraints
    • Additional rule components
    • Queries
    • Backward chaining

Module 6: Develop rule applications

  • Implement rule management and rule integration into an application and call the rule server at runtime.
    • Rule management
    • Rule integration
    • Rule execution server

Module 7: Control rule execution

  • Describe and implement conflict resolution strategies in rule execution.

Module 8: Debug Drools

  • Describe the process of debugging Drools applications in Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

Module 9: Complex event processing

  • Describe and use complex event processing with rules.

Module 10: Performance (subject to time)

  • Optimize the processing and performance of rule execution at runtime.