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Core Spring (CORE)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to Spring
  • Java configuration and the Spring application context
  • @Configuration and @Bean annotations
  • @Import: working with multiple configuration files
  • Defining bean scopes
  • Launching a Spring Application and obtaining Beans
Spring Java Configuration: A Deeper Look
  • External properties & Property sources
  • Environment abstraction
  • Using bean profiles
  • Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
  • How it Works: Inheritance based proxies
Annotation-Based Dependency Injection
  • Autowiring and component scanning
  • Java configuration versus annotations, mixing.
  • Lifecycle annotations: @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy
  • Stereotypes and meta-annotations
Factory Pattern In Spring
  • Using Spring FactoryBeans
Advanced Spring: How Does Spring Work
  • The Spring Bean Lifecycle
  • The BeanFactoryPostProcessor interception point
  • The BeanPostProcessor interception point
  • Spring Bean Proxies
  • @Bean method return types
Testing A Spring-Based Application
  • Spring and Test Driven Development
  • Brief overview of JUnit 5
  • Spring 5 integration testing with JUnit 5
  • Application context caching and the
  • @DirtiesContext annotation
  • Profile selection with @ActiveProfiles
  • Easy test data setup with @Sql
Aspect-Oriented Programming
  • What problems does AOP solve?
  • Differences between Spring AOP and AspectJ
  • Defining pointcut expressions
  • Implementing an advice: @Around, @Before, @After
Data Access And Jdbc With Spring
  • How Spring integrates with existing data access technologies
  • DataAccessException hierarchy
  • Implementing caching using @Cacheable
    • Embedded databases for testing
  • Spring‘s JdbcTemplate
Database Transactions With Spring
  • Transactions overview
  • Transaction management with Spring
  • Isolation levels, transaction propagation and rollback rules
  • Transactions and integration testing
JPA With Spring And Spring Data
  • Quick introduction to ORM with JPA
  • Benefits of using Spring with JPA
  • JPA configuration in Spring
  • Using Spring Boot to bypass most configuration
  • Simplified dependency management with starter POMs
  • Easily overriding Spring Boot defaults
Advanced Spring JPA
  • Configuring Spring JPA using Spring Boot
  • Spring Data JPA dynamic repositories
Spring In A Web Application
  • Configuring Spring in a Web application
  • Introduction to Spring MVC, required configuration
  • Controller method signatures
  • Views and ViewResolvers
  • Using @Controller and @RequestMapping annotations
  • Configuring Spring MVC with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot packaging options, JAR or WAR
Spring Boot-Going Further (Optional)
  • Going beyond the default settings
  • Customizing Spring Boot configuration
  • Logging control
  • Configuration properties using YAML
  • Boot-driven testing
Spring Security
  • What problems does Spring Security solve?
  • Configuring authentication and intercepting URLs
  • Spring Security support for server-side rendering
  • Security at the method level
  • Understanding the Spring Security filter chain
Rest With Spring MVC
  • An introduction to the REST architectural style
  • Controlling HTTP response codes with @ResponseStatus
  • Implementing REST with Spring MVC, @RequestBody, @ ResponseBody
  • Spring MVC’s HttpMessageConverters and automatic content negotiation
Microservices With Spring Cloud
  • Microservice Architectures
  • Challenges with cloud-native applications
  • Using Spring Cloud
  • Developing a simple microservice system
Reactive Applications With Spring
  • Overview of Reactive Programming concepts
  • Reactive Programming support in Spring
  • Using Spring’s reactive WebClient

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