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> > > D98652 Detaillierte Beschreibung

Oracle HCM Cloud: Config and Setup for Oracle Taleo Learn (D98652)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Learning Basic Navigation
  • Understanding the Log-in Screen
  • Examining End-User Interface
  • Using the Management Access Code
  • Reviewing Minimum Permissions to View Management Login and Control Panel
  • Reviewing the Resource Manager
Setting System and Local Options
  • Exploring Root LearnCenters and SubLearnCenters
  • Specifying System Options: One direction
  • Configuring Local Settings: LearnCenter specific
  • Working with Base LearnCenter-specific Settings
  • Reviewing Security Options
  • Looking at Multidirectional Settings
  • Examining Multi-directional Sharing
  • Creating SubLearnCenters
Examining Fields
  • Reviewing Field Maintenance by Item
  • Selecting User Profile Fields
  • Creating Custom Fields
Working with Groups
  • Exploring Groups
  • Understanding Group Impacts
  • Working with Dynamic Groups
  • Exploring Dynamic Groups
  • Defining Group Structure
  • Looking at Use Case Examples
  • Creating Groups
  • Dynamically Adding Users
Setting Up Users
  • Specifying Membership Statuses
  • Reviewing Methods for Creating User Accounts
  • Using Manual Methods
  • Using Bulk Import
  • Working with Self-registration
  • Examining Integration
Managing User Roles
  • Defining User Roles
  • Looking at Sample User Types
  • Setting User Role Permissions
  • Creating User Roles
  • Examining Minimum Permissions to View Management Login and Control Panel
  • Maintaining User Roles
Creating Supervisors
  • Looking at the Role of a Supervisor
  • Viewing and Managing Teams
  • Editing Permissions for Supervisor Roles
Working with Integration and other Tools
  • Using Single Sign On
  • Working with the SSO Checklist
  • Reviewing the IT Checklist
  • Activating Alternative Access
  • Using Bulk Loader
  • Reviewing the Bulk Loader Checklist
  • Working with OpenSesame
Exploring LearnCenter Extras
  • Examining the Course Scenario
  • Reviewing the eCommerce Checklist
  • Choosing Payment Options
  • Using Dynamic Objects
  • Reviewing the VILT Checklist
  • Looking at Providers
Building Pages
  • Reviewing the Course Scenario
  • Incorporating Design Elements
  • Reviewing Design Rules
  • Changing Appearance
  • Taking Content as Dynamic Objects
  • Examining Currently Available Widgets

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