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Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources (D96993)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Course Overview
  • Lesson Agenda
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Audience
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Approach
  • Information Sources
Human Capital Management Overview
  • Oracle Human Capital Management
  • Global Human Resources
  • Oracle HR and Payroll Country Extensions
  • Oracle HR and Payroll Language Support
Introduction to the User Interface
  • Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface (UI)
  • Home Page
  • Springboard
  • Infolet Page
  • Navigator Menu
  • Settings and Actions
Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use
  • Implementing Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Job Roles with Functional Setups User Permissions
  • Application Implementation Manager
  • Applications Implementation Consultant
  • Functional Users
  • Navigating to Functional Setup Manager
  • Working with Configure Offerings
  • Implementing Projects
Defining Geographies
  • Geography Structure
  • Deploying Geographies in United States, Canada, Other Countries
  • Geography Hierarchy
  • Geography Validation
  • File-Based Import Process
  • Analyzing Attribute Mapping
Setting up Enterprise Structures
  • Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the ESC
  • Setting up Configuration of Individual and Multiple Enterprise Structures
  • Creating and Managing Legal Entities
  • Managing Business Units, Reference Data Sets, and Common Sets
  • Establishing Job and Position Structures
Managing Enterprise HCM Information
  • Managing Enterprise HCM Information Task
  • Employment Model
  • Work day Information
  • Person, Worker, and Assignment Number Generation
  • Person-Name Languages
  • Position Management
  • Employment Information
Managing Legal Entity
  • Managing Legal Address
  • Defining Legal Entity
  • Understand Legislative Data Group (LDG)
  • Manage Legal Entity HCM Information
  • Manage Legal Jurisdictions
  • Understand Legal Reporting Units
Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units
  • Creating Business Units
  • Reference Data Sets (SetID)
  • Business Unit Set Assignment
  • Common Sets
Setting up Locations, Organizagions, and Actions
  • Defining Locations
  • Defining HCM Organizations
  • Actions and Action Reasons
  • Collective Agreements
Setting up Base Compensation
  • Managing Grades
  • Grade Rates
  • Grade Ladders
  • Salary Basis
Setting up Jobs and Positions
  • Defining job and job families
  • Job Details and Lookups
  • Benchmark and Progression Information
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Defining Position and Position Trees
  • Lookups
  • Position Details
  • Jobs and Positions Work with Profiles
Defining Workforce Records
  • Defining Availability
  • Defining Person Record Values
  • Defining Employment Record Values
  • Defining Documents
  • Defining Checklists
  • Lookups and Profile Options
Managing Workforce Lifecycle
  • Add Person and Manage Personal Informatlion
  • Managing Employment Information
  • Promote, Transfer, and Terminate Workers
  • Managing Area of Responsibility
  • Managing Mass Updates
  • Managing Direct Reports
  • Using Directory
  • Person Spotlight
  • Maintaining Person Keywords
  • Understanding Line Manager Self Service
  • Understanding Worker Self Service
  • Promoting a Worker
Course Highlights
  • Best Practices
  • Working in Cloud
  • Common Workforce Deployment Processes
Appendix A - Security Overview
  • Types of Roles in Oracle Application Security
  • Understanding Functional Privileges by Job Role