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Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile, Goal, and Performance Management (D96201)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Course Overview
  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Fusion Resources
Introduction to the Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Talent Management
  • Introducing Talent Management Main Business Activities
  • Demonstrating Oracle Fusion Applications Help
Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use
  • Functional Setup Manager Overview
  • Job Roles with Functional Setups Duty
  • Creating Implementation Projects and Assigning Implementation Tasks
  • Enabling Workforce Development Offerings
Define Talent Profile Settings
  • Introducing Profile Management
  • Profile Management Integrations and Setup
Define Talent Profile Content
  • Setting Up Talent Profile Content
  • Content Library, Content Types and Content Items
Define Rating Models and Talent Profiles
  • Rating Models
  • Profile Types and Components
  • Instance Qualifiers
  • Writing Assistant
Manage Talent Profiles
  • Access to Talent Profiles
  • Use Compare Items and Best Fit
Manage Common Talent Objects
  • Creating Review Periods
  • Managing Performance Document Types
  • Managing the Goal Library
  • Talent Management Notifications
  • Auditing Talent Management Business Objects
Goal Management Concepts
  • Goal Management Concepts and Actions
  • Goal Types
  • Goal Management Setup
  • Lookups, Flexfields, and Profile Options
Managing Goal Plans
  • Managing Goal Plans
  • Managing Goal Sets
  • Goal Eligibility
Using Goal Management
  • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
  • Managing Worker and Organization Goals
Define Questionnaires
  • Questionnaire Concepts
  • Managing Questions
  • Question Library
  • Question and Response Types
  • Questionnaire Templates
  • Creating Questionnaires
Understanding and Defining Worker Performance
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Performance Roles and Matrix Management
  • Eligibility Profiles and Process Flow Definitions
Configuring Sections, Document Types and Templates
  • Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
Using Performance Management
  • Performance Documents and Worker Evaluations
  • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance
Course Summary
  • Course Summary
Appendix: Oracle Social Network and Talent Management
  • Benefits and and Integrations of Oracle Social Network
  • Configuring Oracle Social Network for Talent Objects
Appendix: Security Overview
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Role Types
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Talent Management Job Roles
  • Talent Management Duties and Privileges by Application