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Oracle Financials Cloud: Using General Ledger (D96163)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Using General Ledger Overview
  • Introduce the Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Discuss Oracle Financials Cloud.
  • Explain Oracle General Ledger features.
  • Review Oracle Fusion General Ledger accounting cycle
  • Examine the Financial Reporting Center.
Navigating in General Ledger and Functional Setup Manager
  • Navigate Oracle Fusion General Ledger
  • Explore dashboards
  • Examine panels
  • Review infolets
  • Understand personalizations
  • Discuss Functional Setup Manager and implementation project.
Discussing the Vision Story
  • Discuss the Vision Corporation Story elements
  • Use the Vision Corporation to expand you knowledge of Oracle Fusion General Ledger
Reviewing Enterprise Structures
  • Discuss enterprise structures and shared components
  • Examine for legal entities
  • Explore chart of account components
  • Create account combinations
  • Define cross-validation rules
Exploring Calendars and Ledgers
  • Use the accounting calendar
  • Review ledgers and ledger options
  • Assign balancing segments
  • Manage reporting currencies
  • Map chart of accounts
  • Explore the GL Balances cube
  • Define GL security
Creating Journal Entries
  • Describe the accounting cycle
  • Create manual and imported journal entries
  • Post journal entries using various posting options
  • Create reversing entries
  • Perform inquiries and dill down to subledgers
Using Foreign Currencies
  • Understand currency concepts
  • Explore conversion rates
  • Discuss cross-currency functionality
  • Enter foreign currency journals
Managing Intercompany Transactions
  • Create intercompany transactions from the UI
  • Create intercompany transactions from allocations
  • Run intercompany reconciliation
  • Run intercompany reconciliation
  • Create intercompany transactions using a spreadsheet
Performing Period Close
  • Discuss the close monitor
  • Open and close periods
  • Allocate balances
  • Manage revaluations
  • Run translations
  • Import journal entries
  • Reconcile balances
Using the Financial Reporting Center
  • Describe the features of the Financial Reporting Center
  • Describe Smart View key features
  • Create financial reports using the Financial Reporting Studio
  • Understand Custom Infolets and Account Groups
  • Use the Sunburst visualization tool
  • Discuss Oracle Transaction BI reports and BI Publisher reports
Maintaining General Ledger Options
  • Manage suspense accounts
  • Manage statistical units of measure
  • Manage processing schedules
Performing Consolidations
  • Discuss consolidation methods
  • Explore the reporting consolidation option
  • Examine the balance transfer consolidation option
  • E-Business Suite NotesDefine integration with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management with Oracle Fusion General Ledger
Loading Budgets
  • Describe budgeting preparation
  • Explain integration with Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition.
  • Define the budget scenario dimension
  • Load data with ADFdi and Oracle Smart View
Appendix C: Implementing Financials for China
  • Reports for LAD
  • Reports for EMEA
  • Account Analysis reports for EMEA and LAD
  • Reports for APAC

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