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Oracle Financials Cloud: Expenses Fundamentals (D96143)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Oracle Fusion Expenses Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Expenses Overview
  • Oracle Help Center
  • Expense Reimbursement Flow
Introducing Functional Setup Manager
  • Overview of the Functional Setup Manager
  • Implementation Overview
  • Browsing and Configuring Offerings
Configuring Security
  • Create a User
  • Create an Employee
  • The Security Console
Configuring Oracle Expenses with Rapid Implementation
  • Managing Expenses System Options
  • Setting Up Expense Report Templates
  • Expense Types Overview
  • Expense Approval Rules Overview
  • Defining Conversion Rates
  • Selecting a Business Unit
Entering Expense Items and Expense Reports
  • Overview of Travel and Expenses Work Area
  • Expenses Infotiles
  • Activating a Primary Bank Account
  • Managing Delegates
Processing Expense Reimbursements and Capturing Tax
  • Processing Expense Reimbursements and Capturing Tax Flow
  • Populating Payables Open Invoice Interface Tables
  • Status of Expense Reports after Processing
  • Setting Up Tax Classification Codes
Defining Expense Policies and Rules
  • Define Expense Policies and Rules
  • Managing Policies by Expense Category
  • Policy Violations Explained
  • Policy Violations for Airfare Policies
  • Review Subledger Journal Entries
  • Setting Up a Mileage Policy
  • Defining the Add-On Rates
  • Setting Up an Entertainment Policy
Configuring Credit Card Data
  • Overview of Corporate Card Transaction Processing
  • Configuring Corporate Card Programs
  • Specifying a Corporate Card Usage Policy
  • Paying the Credit Card Issuer
  • Payment Liability: Critical Choices
  • Creating Corporate Card Issuer Payment Requests
  • Accounting for Corporate Card Transactions
Setting Up Receipt Management Policies
  • Setting Up Receipt Management Policies
  • Specifying Receipt Requirements
  • Creating Expense Report Receipt and Notification Rule
Auditing Expenses
  • Audit Expense Report Overvie
  • Creating an Expense Audit List Rule
  • Selecting Audit Selection Rules
  • Audit Actions
  • Confirming Managers Approval
  • Expense Report Payment Hold Rules
Configuring Cash Advances
  • Cash Advance and Expense Report Flo
  • Configuring Cash Advances
  • Cash Advance Approval Rules
  • Applying Properties of Rules and Rule Sets
  • Receiving a Cash Advance
Managing Contingent Workers
  • Enabling Contingent Workers to Enter Expense Reports
  • Employees Reimbursement Flow
  • Auditing Page Displays Payment Requests and Invoices
  • Rejection Codes for Contingent Workers
Processing Third-Party Expense Reimbursements
  • Third-Party Expense Reimbursement
  • Processing Third-Party Expense Reimbursements
  • Setting Up Third-Party\ Expense Reimburseme
  • Exporting Data from Expenses to a Third-Party Applicat
Travel Integration
  • Selecting a Travel Partne
  • Integrating with GetThere
  • Setting Up Tasks for Travel Integration
  • Booking Site Assignments
  • Enabling Itinerary Validation Rules
  • Import Travel Itineraries Process
  • Centrally-Billed Travel Card
  • Processing Travel Cards
Mobile Devices
  • Using Mobile Devices
  • Using the Mileage Tracker
  • Submitting an Expense Report from a Mobile Device
Analyzing and Reporting on Expenses
  • Spend Analysis Repo
  • Enabling Spend Analysis Reporting
  • Expense Manager and Line Manager Roles