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Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c (D92199)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Course Schedule
  • Key Challenges for Administrators
  • This Course in Context
  • Classroom Setup
  • What Is Enterprise Manager Cloud Control?
  • Built-in and Integrated Manageability
Enterprise Manager Core Concepts
  • Review Oracle Enterprise Manager architecture
  • Security (high level)
  • Controlling the Cloud Control Framework
  • Viewing Log Files and Trace Files
  • Self-Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Backup and Recovery: Repository, OMS and OMA, Software Library
Targets Setup
  • Groups
  • Targets discovery (review)
  • Administration Hierarchy
  • Target Properties
Oracle Cloud In Your IT Ecosystem
  • Describe how Enterprise Manager Cloud Control establishes a connection to Oracle Cloud services
  • Explore the new capabilities that are unlocked when Cloud Control is managing Oracle Cloud services
  • Explore how Oracle Cloud services can be managed and why Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a superior choice
  • Describe the benefits of having Oracle Cloud services in your IT Ecosystem
Roles and Privileges
  • Privileges
  • Privileges and Roles Uses
  • Who can define Roles and Privileges
  • Roles
Monitoring Standards
  • Define monitoring standards
  • Setting and using metric thresholds
  • Using Monitoring Templates and templates collection
Managing Events and Incidents
  • Describe the processing priority of rules and notifications
  • Corrective Actions
  • Define and manage incidents
  • Monitor problems (including incidents flooding)
  • Metric Thresholds and Settings
  • Use incident rule sets
  • Distinguish between incidents and problems
  • Incidents Dashboard
Using Notifications, Blackouts and Brownouts
  • Brownouts
  • Monitoring Service
  • Blackouts
  • Define Blackouts and Brownouts, benefits
  • Metric Extensions
  • Receiving Alerts and Notifications
Using the Job System
  • Core Concepts and Tasks: what is new in EM 13c
  • Create and manage jobs of different types
  • Enable job notifications
  • Creating a Multi-Task Job
  • Use the job library
  • Understand job privileges
  • Distinguish predefined jobs for your user-defined ones
  • View job activity
Managing Systems and Services
  • Discuss the use of beacons
  • Viewing the System Topology
  • Define and monitor the availability of a service
  • Specifying Service Level Rule Elements
  • Define and administer systems
  • Workflow for Systems and Services
  • Define and monitor service levels
  • Define and create services, service types
Patching and Provisioning
  • Software library review
  • Provisioning and patching
  • Use of Deployment Procedure Manager
  • Software life-cycle management
  • Deployment procedures and use cases
  • Software patching: modes and workflow
  • Bare metal provisioning
  • Software Upgrades
Managing Configurations
  • Viewing Configurations
  • Configuration topology
  • Searching the Enterprise Configuration
  • What Is Configuration Management?
  • Comparing Configurations
Managing Compliance
  • Compliance Management
  • Describe the predefined compliance functionality
  • Point out the doc Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Oracle Database Compliance Standards
  • Assign compliance standards to targets
  • Define compliance management: framework, standards, and rules
  • View the results: score and importance
Producing and Using EM Reports Using BI Publisher
  • Reporting on Targets
  • Information Publisher vs BIP: IP deprecated
  • Publish Enterprise Manager Reports
  • Workflow for Creating Reports
  • Schedule, save, and email reports
  • Using Oracle-Provided BIP Reports
  • BIP intro and configuration basics