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Oracle Procurement Cloud: Procurement Implementation (D89501)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Understand the Oracle Procurement life cycle
  • Understand the basic user interface features of Oracle Cloud applications
  • Describe the key processes and concepts of Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • Understand the Oracle Procurement life cycle
Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • Explain the procurement product strategy
  • Identify Procurement deployment options
  • Describe the integration of the Oracle Procurement Cloud applications
Using Setup and Manitenance with the Procurement Cloud Offerings
  • Describe Oracle Procurement Cloud Setup and Maintenance
  • Browse and configure Oracle Procurement Cloud offerings
  • Generate a list of setup tasks
  • Perform setup tasks to enter setup data
  • Maintain your implementation over time
  • Explain the different possible implementation methodologies
Common Application Configuration and Procurement
  • Understand the purpose of the common applications configurations
  • Identify the critical common applications configurations for Procurement
  • Understand the requirements for enterprise configuration
Secure Oracle Procurement
  • Understand the Procurement security methodology
  • View security details such as role definitions and the roles provisioned to users
  • Determine the usefulness for your enterprise of the delivered security reference implementation
  • Determine the usefulness for your enterprise of Human Capital Management (HCM) security profiles and role provisioning rules
  • Identify the components of data security and tasks associated with these components
  • Assign Procurement users the functions of a procurement agent
  • Explore the Security Console to configure and extend the security reference implementation
Define Approval Management
  • Understand the approval management workflow
  • Set up approval management
  • Understand approval policy configuration
  • Describe steps for defining approval groups
  • Manage, edit, and deploy approval rules
  • Create approval rule conditions
Set Up the Procurement Common Functions
  • Identify common procurement tasks
  • Configure required common procurement tasks
  • Identify common purchasing tasks
  • Configure required common purchasing tasks
Define and Manage Suppliers
  • Explain purpose and use of the Oracle Supplier Model Cloud within Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • List the benefits provided to suppliers by Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud
  • Explain the methods available for registering suppliers
  • Identify the job roles available to be provisioned to Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud users
  • Implement Supplier Model and Supplier Portal
Use Supplier Agreements
  • Differentiate between the different types of supplier agreements
  • Identify the use case for each type of supplier agreement
  • Create the different types of supplier agreements
Administer Procurement Catalogs
  • Identify Oracle Self Service Procurement Cloud setup tasks and profile options
  • Manage value sets and descriptive flexfields for information templates
  • Create, manage, and secure catalogs
  • Understand Supplier Content Map Sets
  • Create local and informational catalogs
  • Create and manage public shopping lists
  • Create and manage smart forms
  • Understand content zones
Manage Requisitions
  • Understand the basics of requisition management
  • Manage requisitions
  • Create and modify approved orders from requisition demand
Manage Purchase Orders
  • Understand the components and use of purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders
  • Maintain purchase orders
  • Understand setup options related to purchase orders
Use Self-Service Receiving
  • Understand where Self-Service Receiving fits in the procurement process
  • Identify the purpose of Self-Service Receiving
  • Create a self-service receipt
Set Up and Manage Supplier Qualification Management
  • Describe the purpose and functionality provided by Oracle Supplier Qualification Management Cloud
  • Configure questions, qualification areas, and models to support business objectives
  • Launch an initiative to create a questionnaire to gather qualification-related information
  • Perform necessary tasks to implement Supplier Qualification Management
Set Up and Manage Fusion Sourcing
  • Set up and manage Oracle Sourcing Cloud
  • Explain the purpose of Oracle Sourcing Cloud within the Oracle Procurement Cloud suite of products
  • Use the core functionality in Oracle Sourcing Cloud
  • Perform the necessary tasks to implement Oracle Sourcing Cloud
Set Up and Manage Procurement Contracts
  • Explain the functionality and benefits of Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud
  • Create contracts and set up the Terms and Conditions Library
  • Perform necessary tasks to implement Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud
Procurement Cloud Integration
  • Identify the Oracle Procurement Cloud integration options
  • Use the Help Center to locate integration assets
  • Discuss integration examples