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Argus Standard Edition Implementation Fundamentals (D87788)

Kursbeschreibung Kurstermine Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Argus Standard Edition Overview
  • Argus Safety and Available Modules
  • Application Architecture
  • Live Installation
  • Integration Overview
  • Upgrade Methodology
  • Migration Methodology
Argus Safety Business Configuration
  • Products and License Configuration
  • Studies Configuration
Argus Safety Case Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Safety Review
  • Medical Review
  • Quality Review
Argus Safety Expedited Reporting to Regulatory Authorities
  • Schedule, Generate and Transmit Expedited Reports
  • Track Expedited Reports
  • Accept Incoming E2B Reports
Argus Safety Business Configuration Continued
  • Expedited Reporting Rules
  • ESM and AG Service Configuration
  • E2B R3
  • Medwatch Updates
  • eVAERS
Advanced Conditions
  • Create Advanced Condition
  • Create Advanced Condition Query Sets
  • Case Series
  • Advanced Condition Library
Argus Safety System Configuration
  • Common Profile Switches
  • Access Management
  • Workflow
  • Codelist
  • Field Labels and User Defined Fields
  • Field Validations
  • System Numbering
  • Case Priority
E2B Extension Profile
  • Configure ESM Mapping
  • Configure Database tables
  • Argus Console Configuration
  • Schedule E2B extended report
Argus Local Affiliate Configuration
  • Create LAM Site
  • Create and Configure LAM Users
  • Access Argus Affiliate Module
  • Create, Process and Route Cases to Argus Safety
  • Accept and Process LAM cases in Argus Safety
  • Perform Local Labeling in Argus Affiliate
  • Perform Local Reports in Argus Affiliate
Argus Unblinding
  • Argus Console Configuration
  • Argus Unblinding module Configuration
Argus Safety Japan Configuration
  • Enable Argus Japan Module
  • Create and Configure Japan Group and User
  • Access Argus Japan Module
  • Review Cases in Argus Japan Module
Local Case Data Lock
  • Argus Console Changes
  • Case Form Icon Changes
  • Local Prospective Reportable Case
  • Truly Local Case Configuration
  • Configure Global and Local User Privileges
  • Perform Global and Local Lock with different scenarios
Argus Safety Multi-tenant
  • Enterprise Setup
  • Enterprise Configuration
Oracle B2B Gateway
  • Creation of Integration Tables in B2B Schema
  • B2B UI configuration
  • Argus Safety Configuration
  • Transmission and Tracking
Oracle BIP Integration
  • BI Publisher Overview
  • Architecture
  • BIP Aggregate Reporting
  • BIP Aggregate DSUR

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