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Oracle Communications Policy OAM Wireless Deploy (D83053)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to the Oracle Policy Management Solution
  • Wireless Network Evolution
  • Policy Management Overview
  • Oracle Wireless Components
  • System Architecture
  • Message Flow
Introduction to the Configuration Management Platform (CMP) User Interface
  • Access to the User Interface
  • Access and Screen Layout
  • Menu Organization
Configuring a Multimedia Policy Engine (MPE) and a Network Element
  • MPE Configuration Process
  • MPE Cluster Created
  • Policy Server - Status
  • Create a Policy Server Group
  • Create a Network Element
Policy Administration: Policy Basics
  • Basic Policy Process
  • Anatomy of a Policy
Policy Administration: Provision Policy Reference Data
  • Reference Data
  • Custom AVP Definitions
  • Service/Ratings Groups and Monitoring Keys
Policy Administration: Managing Policies
  • Create a Policy
  • Deploy a Policy
  • Modify a Policy
  • Delete a Policy
  • Manage Policy Groups
Surveillance Basics: Monitor Policy Management Components
  • Component Reports
Surveillance Basics Trace Sessions
  • Diameter Messaging
  • Component Logs
  • Trace Logs
  • Policy Action Logs
System Administration- Manage CMP Users
  • Manage CMP Users
  • Set System Controls for CMP GUI Users
  • Create Roles in the CMP
  • Create a Scope in the CMP
  • Create CMP User Profile
System Administration - Perform System Utility Functions
  • Backup CMP Data
  • Audit Log
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Analytics Data Stream
Policy Front End
  • Policy Front End – Primary Functions
RADIUS Configuration for Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • MPE as a RADIUS Server
  • Define Subscriber Keys