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Billing and Revenue Management Billing and Finance 7.5 (D75191)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Billing Process Overview
  • Describe concepts of billing
  • List accounting cycle and billing cycle activities
  • Describe bill item objects
  • Describe BRM billing scripts
Bill Cycle Management
  • Describe the concept of customer segments
  • Explain what is bill cycle management
  • Describe bill run management and the billing process
Trial Billing
  • Discuss the functionality of trial billing and trial invoice
  • Describe the process of running trial billing
  • View invoices using BRM Invoice Viewer
Billing Options and Process
  • Explain what is in-advance billing
  • List the benefits of Bill Now
  • Explain the delayed billing process
  • Explain bill suppression
  • Explain the billing process and the effects of rerating
  • Explain what is concurrent billing
  • Explain the concept of trigger billing
  • Explain the invoicing process
A/R Account Activities
  • List the different options associated with adjustments
  • Explain the dispute and settlement process
  • Define bulk adjustments
  • Set up and generate corrective bills and invoices
  • Describe BRM general ledger (G/L)
  • Review BRM tax procedures
BRM Payment Process
  • Explain the BRM payment process
  • Describe payment incentives
  • Explain the concept of payment fees
  • Describe how payments enter and exit payment suspense
BRM Collections
  • Explain the concept of collections
  • Describe how BRM collections process bill units
  • Configure a collections scenario
  • Explain the roles of collections managers and agents
  • Determine how to use Collections Center
Making Corrections
  • Explain the rerating process
  • Review the process of resolving failed BRM initiated payment transactions
  • Describe the payment reversal process
  • Discuss the methods of refunding customers
Revenue Analysis
  • Explain the concept of revenue assurance
  • Explain how audit data is collected during billing and pipeline rating
  • Describe the functionality of Revenue Assurance Center
  • Describe the concept of suspense management
  • Use Suspense Management Center
  • Describe BRM reports
  • List the different report packages
  • Review the process of running reports
  • Describe what are sub-reports

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